Enlightened Work


As the digital world leads us into the future, opportunities for success have never been so abundant. Yet, hand in hand with this amazing potential, and sitting underneath it, are personal catastrophes mounting in frequency everyday. I fight those catastrophes head on by helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and executives stay connected to the power and spirit of nature.

If we lose contact with the earth, our decisions become stupid, our logic becomes harsh and our hearts struggle to understand.

People are different in nature – more creative, more inspired, more generous and less fragile. In Nepal, after a few days, people are completely new. So, one of the ways I help people explore their potential is to take them to the bush, to peel back the ego and support the exploration of their real heart, help them find the roots of their humanity. This is the short cut in human development. High in the mountains, where the air is fresh and clean, the mind relaxes and the human heart opens. Here we do vision quests and more.

Once, people were automatically connected to the earth. They remained wise, humble and thankful for the gifts of just one more breath. Then we lost that connection, which was both good and bad. We got the digital age, but we lost the humanity and happiness that comes from simplicity. I’m committed to bringing that simplicity to merge with the technology of modern life to create successful, balanced and happy people with their heart wide open to humanity.

We can’t always run to the bush. So we bring the bush to the city – to work and live in harmony with nature. That’s beautiful because it means that even when we wander the urban jungle, sit in a board room or go home at night, it’s like being on a spectacular mountain top.

And this view is healing too. I think that depression, divorce, mayhem, suicide and blood pressure problems are all triggered by the ego and its disconnection from nature. (that’s what the ego is, disconnection from nature). Yoga and meditation help pacify the consequences but healing needs depth and separation from ego. If ego (disconnection from nature) caused the problem then surely what will fix the problems is reconnection to nature.

I demonstrate in coaching and training workshops that a closed heart is an open ego, and, although our ego is essential for life and is a friend we can trust, it also causes all problems. Our ego is great, it’s just not a reliable or sustainable compass for career, love, relationship, health, financial, social or spiritual adventure.

An open heart doesn’t create problems.  I’m interested to share with you both the remedy for problems caused by the separation from nature, and I’d love to show how to prevent problems occurring in the first place. I believe that life is too short for any other proposition. We have inadvertently created a model in life of causing problems and then seeking cure. It’s living too much of our life solving problems that we could have relaxed and not caused in the first place.

Imagine a business life that does not cause problems. Firstly 50% of the time spent by management would be saved. Secondly, that time could be invested in competitive and enjoyable activities. Third, presenteeism would be eliminated and a new paradigm of proactive enjoyable work could be created.

It’s rocket science applied to our western life, find balance, get back in touch with a focus on cause rather than cure and be proactive in our approach to things.

It all begins with just a few seconds a day tapping nature, reconnecting to our real roots, getting past the intellect, ambitions and emotions (ego) and stopping the spin, finding that perfect stillness of an open heart. For most people in  all walks of life, it would revolutionise their lifestyle, accelerate their success and cause adaptive change to be easy and beneficial.  Therefore, a better world.

The great thing about non ego – enlightened work and life is that it’s portable. We don’t have to to green change, sea change or any change other than our thinking. We don’t even have to change what we think. What changes, what makes the world of difference, is how we think. We can think like nature thinks or we can invest in the current meme of thinking with our ego, separated from nature and spend half if not more of our life trying to fix the consequences.

Nature is everywhere. It’s not limited to the garden or bush, we can bring nature to the boardroom, the bedroom and the our head room. It begins with the beautiful and simple understanding between ego and nature thinking (open heart). Once we know which is which, we understand when we’re off and on track, creating proactively or causing results that come from the ego with an equal mix of outcomes and problems.

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