We need an identity. We need answers to explain why things happen us. We need an inner compass that can guide us with humanitarian certainty, and we need a way to be that allows us the freedom to want the best and yet has the utmost humility to enjoy the journey. All the current systems of self-leadership, personal development, religion or spirituality fail in one or more of the above.

What is the new, powerful and relevant spirituality?

It is nature. A mix between the consciousness of our impact on the planet, our personal balance across all areas of life and our commitment to be great.

  • Nature brings us peace within.
  • Nature brings us to be a better version of ourselves
  • Nature elevates us to a divine awareness of a non denominational religion
  • Nature stimulates us and is the greatest source of personal resilience
  • Nature tells us when we are on or off track
  • Nature will cause every relationship to be in harmony.


But, and it’s a big but, it is our thinking that matters most, not just the awareness of nature and the environment we surround ourselves with.

On one of my many explorations of the Himalayan wisdom, I took four entrepreneurs with me. There were mountains and birds and monasteries and great energies but the whole trip was filled with share portfolio talk. This meant that the entrepreneurs were there in body but not in thinking. In my language, they didn’t turn up for it.

Presenteeism, the ability for someone to be at work, do their job and go home at night without really turning up, is one of the fastest growing problems in business economics. Diet, exercise, relationships, thinking, opportunities and world crisis are just a few of the many variables that can create a chaos in the mind to cause presenteeism. Nature provides the order in that chaos, therefore, it is relevant, beautiful and powerful.

Thinking in tune with nature means thinking in step with life. It’s a presence that can and always has for the millennia it’s been known, a way to live in harmony while achieving. It keeps you mind body and spirit healthy. It explains the order in the chaos, it helps you to take the wheel and drive the bus by clearing the fog.

My coaching is progressive. I demonstrate the universal laws, the principles of nature, then, over time, apply them to all walks of life. It’s a balance that can be sustained, feels right and prioritises goals without compromising your humanity, heart or love.

This is the future of the global community, a way to integrate diversity and yet, accept individuality. A way of thinking that can calm nerves before they get stressed. It’s prevention rather than cure and an asset for those who choose to stay one step ahead in life. It also solves problems at the source.

The 30 day Back on Track program is designed to be an introduction to the thinking that turns chaos to order through an understanding of nature’s laws. We understand the new philosophy of learning and so apply this by offering online content for self paced awareness with daily working calls to help with application. We have extended workshop one on one sessions to fully embed the mindset. This is for those who choose to stay one step ahead in life, using prevention rather than cure for life challenges and solving problems at the cause rather than wasting time dealing with effect.


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