Instead of Meditating for Peace – Outgrow War.

Chris Walker Innerwealth

We are disturbed by the wind tearing across a body of water. Sometimes even terrified by the sound of it. We calm and relax, engage and photograph the perfect stillness of an undisturbed mirror of a lake’s undisturbed surface that reflects the mountains and hills back to us inverted and yet more beautiful.

Our senses hunt for that assignment. We listen for the perfect note from a full hearted voice or a bird call in a canyon that echo’s forever. We gravitate to the scent that gives us a memory or ambition that’s perfect.  Our senses hunt for those things that are, in essence described as, magnificent.

Often we call the captured moment of recognition of magnificence, love. And it is here that we err toward struggle. Love has as little to do with magnificence as love has to do with its opposite.

How then are you to differentiate between love and magnificence?

Simply Outgrow War.

Our ability to reject weather that isn’t “peaceful” or a scent that isn’t “tranquil” causes us to become obsessed with peace. Ultimately, this leads to the meme, that peace and love are one in the same. This addiction becomes an unsightly approach to work and family. One that may become our own downfall.


For it’s many ugly sides, especially when we relate this to human suffering we can understand the aversion to anything that remotely approaches encouraging the dark side. We, none of us, can, without significant delusion, justify inflicting pain on another human being. But conflict between human beings will go on forever. The challenge we have is to embrace that, embrace it in nature, and then choose the form.

A couple might sit down with a pen and paper and write those things they find difficult in their partner or they might tough it out in a domestic violence fuelled by alcohol, a screaming match. It is the same argument, same war, only in different formats. In the former, we lowered the tone but raised the penetration.


By embracing the need for conflict in love we outgrow the war. We no longer need to be at war with war itself. The storm over the water becomes a thing of beauty. The disappointment in life becomes a necessity. The frustration of unconsciousness in self and other becomes a gift. All of this is a part of Outgrowing War and therefore finding peace.

The one who rejects the strong masculine ugliness must also reject the strength of negativity, hurt and pain. All such things belong to the same family. The tornado, the tsunami, the car accident and the violent party next door all form a part of that storm in life we call war. It exists, it will always exist, it can’t not exist. We must, therefore, outgrow it, in order to be unaffected by it.


Loyalty is a shocking quality. It might keep a person in an abusive environment. It might keep a person living in hope when there is none. But loyalty is also a quality we must offer to ourselves. We too abuse, or hang onto hopes of our own when they are lost. Loyalty might just be the secret quality that sustains a relationship when emotions and unconsciousness have invaded and blocked love.

For me, the quote “don’t leave it until you love it” is the key to the right application of loyalty. The storm in a job, relationship or self is a gift for personal development, an opportunity to enhance and grow in love. If we can be loyal to that ideal, of loving it before we leave it, we may never leave. Love, in this instance is the balanced appetite for support and challenge.


We lose whatever we are not thankful for. Whatever we don’t appreciate, we depreciate. Sometimes WAR is the quality in a lover, partner, spouse or colleague we truly despise. It is in this frame of reference that WAR and ignorance come to be partners.

Ignorance will try to change another person – it is like coating the world with leather instead of wearing leather shoes. It is not love, not Outgrowing War, it is the violent appetite for peace at any cost. Wars are created to dominate. Hence, the root of all war is peace. One is at war to cause obedience (peace) or to stop the violence (peace). Either way, Outgrowing War is the only solution to bring war to balance and therefore into love.

We can love any trait in any person. We must however love such a quality in ourselves. How will we know if we love it? The answer, like any study, is in the action, the doing. I might be against violence in it’s most physical form, but I can love violence if I see its many forms, verbal, social, financial, mental (marketing], relationship and spiritual.


Yes, but not always in that form of war we all know. What about sport? What about competition in business? What about internet scams and piracy on the seas? And cancer – the very internal attack between our own body cells. We are at war always and the only way to be master of it is to Outgrow it.

In my programs I share ways to handle stress, but unlike conventional methods I use consciousness. Why? Because unconsciousness is the cause of stress so why not address stress at the source, rather than waste a lifetime sitting in yoga trying to unwind.

At War with War is reflected in our body as stress. A stressed person is a cause, even participant in the war. One who is fighting for peace is at war. We need to get past this duality and see a different way. To Outgrow War.


Emotion, thought, mind, consciousness all have a quality control mechanism in which you can participate in the evolution of your own destiny. As such, one can get the feeling that we can change, prevent or discriminate the unchangeable. Here are a list of the unchangeable:

  1. You go in the direction of your dominant thought. Riding a bike, surfing a wave, loving a child, building a relationship. You go in the direction of your dominant thought and whatever you judge you breed. Know this. It is unchangeable and therefore your mind control is critical.
  2. One must be busy to be in control of their mind. An idle mind breeds what it thinks which is usually emotional, negate trash. Even doing nothing, the mind thinks, so the skill we must be able to embrace as soon in life as possible, is to choose our thoughts. Make sure those choices are wise and in the direction we wish to travel.
  3. Every thought, emotion, feeling and experience, has its opposite. To that degree, one must be willing to be challenged, face war, face hardship, face the disgusting truth as well as the beautiful. This is life.
  4. The world is in control. One finds it easy to buy into the ideals of the vocal minority or stay silent with the non vocal majority, on topics like global warming and President Trump. But the world is in order. The world is in control. Everything is as it’s meant to be. Only we can change the form, not the content.
  5. Value time. Time is going. Ticking while you read this. It isn’t a thing you can bank or save, or even repeat. Time ticks and so everything on this planet will one day take its final breath. The earth itself included. So, make the best of every minute. Be conscious of it, move emotion to love and get back to focus on what you want to create.



Chris Walker

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