Emotion and Why It’s Worth Processing Them…

What is an emotion, and why would you want to process it?

Stories are emotions. Feelings are emotions. Choices are made by emotions.

In simple language everything you are driven to do, believe, feel, is an emotion.

An emotion is a lopsided thought. More pleasure than pain, more attractive than repulsive, more elating than depressing, more right than wrong. This is what makes the world go around. Emotion.

But are they right? Well, it would seem not. They, emotions are what you think is right because you have been having emotions for so long, you don’t know what is right, and emotion or what is your truth. You only know what you think. Sometimes we think that we think. But really, we think from within the universe of emotion we create.

It’s the equivalent to wearing clothes and forgetting to take them off. After years, you think that naked means, with clothes. We think that we think. And from that view, we create our world.

Sometimes we even think that we are what we think. Now it gets dangerous because we think we “Know” something and if someone disagrees, we become agitated because it feels like we are being diminished or not valued so we get defensive or protective (attack). But really, are you what you think?

At work, we can think that our thoughts are better thoughts than other people’s thoughts. We think, that our thinking, is better. This can lead, especially when we are proud of our thinking skills, to depression or frustration in our work. We can then take that frustration home and try to counterbalance the depression or frustration (nice word for anger don’t you think), and then we assert ourselves at home to balance our perceived lack of respect at work. It’s complex.

You are not what you think. I can change what you think, but I can’t change you. I can change how you feel, but I can’t change you. Separating what you think from who you are is a real mind bender. So, I’ve created this beautiful process to help you explore this separation. The emotional shower, for those who really get it, is pure genius. Then there are those who get the theory, say they know it, and add the information to their identity. That’s not going to work.

You need to do this process over and over in order to really experience the separation of self and thought. It works and is the equivalent to 20 years meditation. The challenge is, to do it.

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