Inside your Mind There’s a Voice

What goes on inside your mind is nobody’s business but yours. But it is changeable.

What is good self talk? What is bad self-talk? DO you know it and why care?

Everybody feels what goes on inside your mind, everyone feels it, everyone knows it, everyone experiences it. The dialogue you have with yourself is going to impact everything you do as well as everything others around you feel.

So a change in your inner dialogue is a key to your future.

If you put yourself up, somebody will put you down. So that might not be a wise self talk process.

If you think you are better than someone else then you’ll be worse than someone else too. And that may not be wise.

If you always look for what’s wrong you will never have more than a few seconds of happiness and relaxation. You will not recover from your day, exercise and life. So that may not be wise.

If you always know what’s right, then you might have a heap of contentment, and then achieve nothing because everything is ok, no need to improve. So that may not be wise.

To know the right inner dialogue is really important.

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