Change is Good – The Only Question is Choosing the Right Direction

“Our office was in turmoil – we knew we needed change the only question was in which direction”

My home life was not going well, my mental and emotional health was on a downward spiral – I knew I needed change – so many opinions were free, so many things I could change – I was confused – I couldn’t afford to waste time, there was just one question “in which direction do I begin?”

These are just two of the thousands of times in my 35 years as a change agent I’ve heard the same proposition – and the answers are never generic. 

Three questions need to be answered before change can be implemented:

  1. What is nature telling you? – there’s always direction in that.
  2. Where are you going? There’s always direction in that but make sure you answer this with a 360 degree – 7 level vision (total human awareness)
  3. What are you holding on to? The cause is always written in this answer.

Enjoy your day and, if it’s time for change, give me a call.

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