The Biophilic Workplace

Biophilia is about a love of the natural world and the affinity that human beings have with nature. For many years across the globe we at Innerwealth, have been designing sustainable workplaces.

Recently this has evolved into workplaces that have a focus on health and wellbeing.

Now this is evolving further into the biophilic workplace; an environment that not only includes nature but that is also based on the perfect balance that can be found in nature and people’s connection with this balance.

We recently showcased two new products that align with the conditions and behaviours found in nature. The first is the Back on Track Framework for personal Transition Management whose design references the growth cycles seen in nature and mimics the natural evolution of human thinking. The second is the Himalayan Corporate Retreat – Culture Development Program, a six month, inspirational training and development program in self and other leadership culminating in a trip to the Top of the World, the base of Mt Everest for five days in a five star Himalayan Retreat.

Both of these programs connect biological cultural performance development and wellbeing. Based on Innerwealth’s values of simplicity and function, these products have been designed with the Golden Mean (the mathematical equation upon which all elements in nature are created) in mind and are part of a bigger story about our humanity and the role nature plays in this.

Innerwealth aims to redefine the idea of work as ‘labour’ and instead attempted to position work, and the workplace, as an environment that is nurturing, intellectually creative and a joyful place to be. For too long workplace culture and environmental design has been treated separately and primarily focussed for functionality, producing products and for spaces devoted to productivity, devoid of engagement.

The prevailing trends this year for us are about creating a vibrant, energetic, evolutionary workplace of the future; a place where a diverse range of humans can all be autonomous and create the environment they need in order to thrive.

Like to know more about these programs and other Innerwealth Developments? Please contact Chris Walker by Email or Tel: 61 417209636

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