Short Term Gratification or Long Term Inspiration

Recently my client, an entrepreneurs, ran a marathon. Training for it got him out of bed in the morning, changed his lefestyle  and improved his health. Awesome – or is it?

His clearly stated objective in life is not running marathons and, although health is a big part of his ability to walk his path, it is not his path. He isn’t committed to winning gold at the next Olympics. Just staying fit.

And this is where short term gratification can actually start to compete with the path we’ll eventually measure our life by.

There’s a huge difference between things we do, essential things we do for lifestyle and those things we do to fulfill our objectives, dreams and goals.

My job as a coach is to keep the two in perspective and to move you in the direction of your dream, which is never a lifestyle result. I raise your focus on the long term purpose – objective of your life and help build a lifestyle that supports it rather than distracts you from it.

There’s a huge difference. One leads to being a big fish in a small pond and the other leads to being a big fish in a big ponds. Really this is a core value you get from coaching with me.

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