Innerwealth and OuterWealth… why they both matter.

The material world is a powerful aphrodisiac. Your work, your success, your wealth, your family, relationships and status in the pecking order of things is key to mental and emotional heath.

But there’s a parallel pathway. The non material path. This has to do with your private inner dialogue about life. Lets say something goes wrong at work, and you are the cause, “what do you say to yourself when you put your head on the pillow at night to get you off to a peaceful sleep or do you hit the Scotch or G&T?

So the question is “how variable are you?” Do you go from high to low in seconds? Is your mind in your control or someone elses? Are you reacting to other people rather than pro-acting?

If the answer to any of these last questions is yes, then Innerwealth is lagging outer and it may be wise to invest some time at the Innerwealth farm with Chris.

Enjoy your day



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