Wonder and Explore Your Future, Your Life, Your Happiness and Fulfillment.

When I ask a question on this 30 day intensive coaching journey with you, there is a need for you to down tools and answer it immediately.

This is not about protracting your already existing thinking into a deep internal conversation with yourself or others. I am teaching you to open your heart, listen to your inner voice (intuitions) and document them (inspirations).

This is not fluff. The mastery of all great sports hero’s and heroines, leaders, entrepreneurs and brilliant parents and lovers is this ability to switch from grinding out some chore called work to tap the spontaneous gifts of intuition and inspiration. In other words, feel the inner voice and be guided by it.

Otherwise, you are allowing yourself too much space to be dumbed down into a piece of machinery of production rather than the visionary beautiful soul you are.

So, learn to stop, answer my question from your heart and then get back to work with your head, body, heart.

Here’s a question and you can try answer it right now and you can text me or email me your answer (it’s absolutely no use bottling up your answer internally. Write it down. A short pencil is better than a long memory. All great people write in note pads not iPhones. Your answer is private and is emailed to me direct.


What is Holding You Back at Work?

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