Transitions – The Back On Track 30 Day Challenge

What to Expect From this Program

A virtual presentation and mini workshop lasting 30 days (this program is a 30 hours), sharing the application of Back on Track Framework to personal life experiences and situations. You will gain an understanding of principles underpinning modern consciousness.

What will you cover in this Program?

  • Universal Laws of Nature
  • The source and cause and cure for stress
  • Understand the dynamics of relationships and Emotion
  • The Collapse Process© A means of transforming judgment to Love 

Program Design

Using direct text messages, audio and visual aids your facilitator, Chris Walker, will share the Back on Track Framework to keep you evolved, conscious and happy in your home and work life.

You will be given opportunity to take notes and to work from the generous workbook provided. You will be able to undertake some considerable self exploration through the pre defined templates in the workbook and take home a whole new awareness of personal possibility. What are the results from this program?

  • Awakens mind to hidden order 
  • Opens your heart 
  • Greater depth of relationship
  • Focus, calm, clarity 
  • A new perspective
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