Centred I Have But One Persona. Emotions I Have Many; 

To the many (Freud) personas there is turbulence to the one there is simply perfection.

You oscillate between personas depending on the situation. Each persona is created during some past remembered event or future feared event. They are the constructs of your mind. They are the cause of your sadness, depression, fears, guilt’s, illness, failure.

They are also the cause of your happiness, elation, fears, success and wellness.

Like all things in the universe  personas have two sides.

When you tune into only one side (called an emotion) you create a lopsided charge in thought. Something else therefore must be generated to balance that.

Remember balance exists even if you are unable to feel or think it at this moment.

Hence, if you are confused, it is because you’re operating from a persona. Try balancing your mind instead.

Your persona’s will resist. At first you might feel overwhelmed with emotion. Just keep chunking it down.

The Discard process is a crucial part of the Back on Track System. It’s wise to learn this skill well.

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