Become a Force to Be Reckoned With – The Power of Character

There are two ways to create a powerful presence. One is through the self, the other is by association. Ghandi had no self power but his causes were mesmerising. Bill Clinton has a powerful self, his causes were a byproduct. Martyn Luther King had both. Steve Jobs was by association. Either way, you can develop your character to become a force to be reckoned with in the world.

To achieve this:

  1. Eagle Spirit Sessions: Create the mindset of a winner by defining the game of your life, your mission, as a competition in which you can’t be beaten. Eg. Tim is the world #1 at cooking apple pie with organic pastry and good love.
  2. Personal Magnetism: Write your mission so that I really want to know you and hang out with you to hear more about you. Too often the character of an individual is internalised and so they become a legend in their own lunchbox. Brilliant but boring.

  3. Born Lucky – Born Blessed: Write your history, the story of your life around the central axis of your mission so that it reads like everything that has happened to you or you’ve caused is focussed on helping you build that mission. Eg. Tim worked in trucking to develop understanding of how to move apple pie without bruising and to create a small carbon footprint.

  4. Inspired and Guided. Filter everything you do toward that one mission… In simpler terms link everything you do and don’t do to your mission vision. This changes the landscape of your character. Eg – we are going on holidays to Iceland to understand how to cook apples in winter.

  5. Defend your Territory. Know what you would defend. If, for example, someone saysTim, you’re an idiot and he fights it, or gets offended by it, well that’s fighting for ego and energy burnt. But if someone says: “Tim, you really suck at making great apple pie with organic pastry and love” he needs to back up and bare his teeth. You have to be able to define your mission. Spirit is not passive on brand.

  6. Leadership: Talk is the cheapest thing on earth. People give it for free all the time. But the ability to tell a good story, to project an image into the minds of listeners and followers, this is the leader’s mission. We call it the Tibetan Dream Screen and if I close my eyes and you describe this movie of your imagination and I can’t see it in my mind, it’s not leadership, it’s fluffaship. Very different. Remember you can’t give what you haven’t got, if you can’t see it in your mind’s eye, neither can I. Now use your character to change every conversation to enliven that screen. All bad news must shine bright light in your screen.

  7. No Begging bowls – it’s too easy to say thank you. And you can say thank you 1000 times and follow ridiculous and childish interpretations of gratitude and thankfulness to become a beggar in life. You say thank you for supporting your life not causing it. You say thank you for challenging a thought not your whole mind. You say thank you to others for trusting themselves enough to join your team. In other words you are going to success with or without him or her. If you say “my project or happiness depends on you, then yr begging. Put the begging bowl out only to the universe/god /creator.

This is Innerwealth – study hard. And share this text with one other or more people please pay it forward.

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Chris Walker

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