Sacred Love

Dear friend,

We live in a sea, an ocean of thought, ambition, technology and passion. And within that turbulence we call life, we are all hoping for a relationship that lasts forever. We know this relationship, we feel it in our bones, it is a part of us, love is at the heart of our very being.

We are challenged and confronted at every level. We must never give up the quest for better, more sacred love.

Turning the tide on global events can seem like an impossible task until you realise that the desire for love in our relationships, and our personal commitment to a better world, are one and the same. The experience we create in our homes affects the world far, far beyond the boundaries of our own existence.

It is time to change our perception of relationships. It is time for us all to recognise the impact of our relationships. They have a greater impact on our health, our children, our success, our wealth creation, on the environment and on global issues than any other single aspect of our lives. This book is here to help you master the art of relationships.

Relationships are sacred. Love is cumulative. What we do day to day is far more important than any religious or philosophical belief system we may subscribe to. Our actions in life reveal us, and therefore love, sacred love, is an activity, not just a feeling.

The intent of this book is to place an umbrella over all the religions, beliefs, philosophies, and ideologies. To encapsulate each and every individual’s personal choices in life, by rising to a higher point ofvantage of life. Rising above separatism and righteousness to the universal laws of nature. Those laws belong to every human on this earth. They are the same no matter where you live, or what you believe. Those laws of nature are in the palm of your hand and in the stars that make life possible.
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These are the keys to sacred love. These five simple laws of the universe sit above and are woven into the fabric of everything that moves, and doesn’t move, on this planet. We have no choice but to be obedient to these laws. All our thinking and dreaming and hoping can amount to nothing if we wish to defy the laws of nature. They are, in truth, the greatest and most simple indication of what exists before we do.

To fall in love is certainly the most natural and precious experience of life. To stay in love, and to grow in love, requires more than rituals, threats, certificates and stamp duty. To stay and grow in love requires an understanding of something far greater than our own accumulated hopes and dreams. It requires more than love, it requires capacities and skill to deal with life and its challenges. No one is, or would want to be, immune from them.

These five keys not only present the secrets to falling in love, they represent the deepest insight to the secrets of falling in love any time, over and over again building on a first moment, strengthening bonds, dealing with challenge, opening to tomorrow, creating sacred environments, building a sacred home.

Let nature be your guide to love. Follow your heart through this book, and in doing so, you will be making a difference, not only to your own life, but the lives of those you love, and eventually the world. Global change begins at home.

Chris Walker

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