Life Guidance – Personal Mastery Consults

Using Innerwealth Technologies for Personal Mastery I offer personal Life-Guidance when you are not happy, in any of the seven areas of life (spiritual, mental, social, relationship, career, health or financial).

But we also offer preventative maintenance and experience to prevent disasters. I’m the guy who gets you Back on Track, and helps keep you there in the storms, fast, sustainably and consciously.

Infections of unhappiness, no matter what the cause, spread. If something emotional goes down at work, it will impact your love life. There’s no partitioning on earth that can prevent it. Therefore, I offer a no bull helping hand to cut through the fog and solve problems.

32 years ago, as an energetic entrepreneur I built my first business. I was great at my working life but totally crap at life itself. I sucked. Not because of anything else but the lack of good, direct, wholehearted advice. My degrees in business (MBA) and Engineering were no help. In fact, I knew more about life before the MBA than after it.

I can honestly say I’ve become the go to person I needed back then. That’s been my mission. I help people who feel unhappy in any of the seven areas of life. Fast, Conscious, sustainable change.

If that’s what you need, call. If it’s not, please enjoy my podcasts to challenge your thinking, create new options and solve problems at the source: you.

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