feel your way through your day….

By feeling your way through your business day you will attract a huge amount of support, including new customers.

It is wiser, faster and less emotional than intellectualise. I know a Yoga teacher who is doing lectures on bhagavad gita. They are really feeling angry all the time but they talk the talk – they can’t walk the talk. I think it is better to walk the talk, because talk is so cheap. People lie to get their needs met. Better to feel your way through life than think it. At the end of your life you will forget all your thoughts, worries and rational decisions and remember the experiences. Experiences come from feelings. This is Innerwealth, feel with your heart … the best feeling of all. Nothing can stop you then.

Feeling your way through your day is inspired by nature. In nature you feel, you feel the wind, the trees, and you feel the energy around you. Don’t just let it come to you. Manage your feelings.

There are some feelings that attract people, resources and success and there are some feelings that do the opposite.

Feelings that repel resources are: envy, jealousy, anger, hate, fear, guilt.

Feelings that attract resources are: gratitude, presence, certainty and love. Lets look at these.


Often misunderstood, gratitude is more than just thankful for the gifts of your life, it is thankful for all of your world. Thankful for Donald Trump, thankful for North Korea, thankful for bullying, thankful for peace. Each thankful must be a feeling of overwhelming luck that something – good or bad – happened to you, is happening or will happen. This is the truest meaning of resilience. Unbounded gratitude and it’s really, seriously hard yards. It’s so easy to partition life into grateful and the rest. That’s just going to neutralise you. Grateful means lucky to be sucker punched. So the viewpoint one must rise to in order to really attract resources and be a positive grateful person is quite an achievement in life.


If you don’t think you are perfect right now, as you are, in the raw, you never will be. Chasing perfection takes you out of presence and people feel your energy scatter to the wind. Presence is real power. If you think “when I get …. I will be great” or “when I succeed my spouse will love me” you start a hate campaign on yourself that is too toxic. That hate campaign, i can be perfect it I do … feeds the self help industry which is now measured in Trillions of Dollars. Sucking the money out of pockets that are perfectly healthy. They just lack presence.


I can’t promise you a rose garden. I can’t say “all your dreams will come true.” Some speakers do. I don’t. I give you something else. I give you 100% certainty. Certainty about what? Well that is a magic formula. I give you 100% certainty that you will be loved. I give you 100% certainty that you will be successful. I give you 100% certainty that you will have everything you want. The way I achieve this certainty is to demonstrate that you will have no choice but to live in a world in which nature’s principles dominate everything from an atom to a star and all in between. This means that I can guarantee this: You will be loved because love, in nature, is the balance of support and challenge. You will be supported and challenged every second of your life. I give you certainty that you will be successful because the entirety of nature operates at the border of success and failure. You can’t live without success … and it’s balance of failure. Finally,  give you certainty that you will have everything you want. Because in the universe of nature, nothing is ever missing, it just changes in form. I can give you certainty of these principles and therefore your expectations of a job, relationship or your health will be matching reality, and that’s certainty.


You might define love in the smallest of ways, the sexual expression of another toward you. This is common. Even people who visit prostitutes think that they are being loved by paying for it. But I can’t educate you on this level. Your heart wants a different love, soul love. And soul love cannot be found in sex or a temple. Soul love is nature. I can take you to nature and you will experience love, total love. No meditation or delusion, no sex, no promises. You experience love and bring it home. A person who comes home with love is a giver of love. A person who comes home wounded from work is a vacuum of love sucking everything from spouse and kids. We owe it to the world to be filled with love before work and after work and then our work becomes an act of love, not seeking approval or affection.


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