20 Reasons Why Swimmers Are the Best Employees

Written by Dr G, John Mullen

If you had a stack of resumes in front of you, what type of employee would you look for? The ideal employee is a team player, flexible, autonomous, ambitious, and confident, just to name a few. Unfortunately, you don’t think you can have it all. You are wrong. If a swimmer’s resume is in the stack, you found the perfect fit. Here are the 20 reasons why swimmers are the best employees.

1. They save your company money


Healthy employees save companies money, and you can’t get any healthier than a competitive swimmer. Swimmers are physically active, they eat healthy, and you won’t catch a swimmer taking multiple smoke breaks. For your company, that means lower health insurance costs, reduced risk for injury, and fewer days lost to absenteeism and poor productivity.

2. They respect authority


Plain and simple: swimmers respect authority. Years of training and coaching have taught them more than skills for the pool. They have taught swimmers how to listen, how to communicate, and how to respect the ones in charge.

3. Swimmers are leaders


Swimmers learn how to take initiative when they are in the pool. Swimmers learn to be advocates for themselves and their fellow swimmers. Swimmers take stock of their personal and professional strengths, they are perceptive to the needs of their fellow teammates, and they take whatever steps are necessary to achieve personal and professional goals.

4. Swimmers know how to work alone


Miles of staring at the bottom of a pool have taught swimmers how to work independently. Autonomous workers are the best workers, because they can jump in, work with little guidance, and tackle any task that comes their way without succumbing to distractions.

5. Swimmers work well with others…when they need to


Even though many think of swimming as an individual sport, it is not. Swimming is just as much about team building and support as any other sport. Swimmers work with all different types of people, and develop the skills to reach goals together.

6. They are hardworking


Swimmers are nothing short of dedicated to everything they do. Swimmers have spent years showing up to all practices on time, completing hours of drills, and swimming laps to be successful.

7. Swimmers are adaptable


Swimmers can adapt well to new situations and environments. All they need is a little guidance and information, and then they are off. Swimmers work well under stress, they work without complaint, and they adapt to your company’s ever-changing demands and needs.

8. Mum’s the word on social media


One in 10 workers between 16 and 34 years of age has been fired from a job or rejected by an employer because of social media posts. Swimmers don’t have time for that. Many swim clubs and teams has strict rules about social media posts, so your company won’t have to worry about rants, jokes, or inappropriate photos on a swimmer’s page.

9. Don’t count on them being late to work


Punctuality is ingrained in swimmers’ DNA. Being late is not acceptable in the pool, and that is something swimmers take seriously. How many other applicants can say they woke up at 4 am to be at practice by 5 am, and then still work for an entire day? Not many.

10. They show up prepared


Swimmers know exactly what they need and what is expected of them to accomplish any task for the day. They won’t show up for work unprepared, which means they will accomplish more in a day than most.

11. They always shower before work


Swimmers don’t want to smell like chlorine after the morning swim, so you can be sure they will shower before work. When they climb out of slip-slops and bathing suits, swimmers will make sure they look sharp and professional, too.

12. They keep going until the job is complete


Don’t expect a swimmer to skip out of work before the job is done. That’s not an option for swimmers. Swimmers have been trained to keep pushing themselves until the job is complete.

13. They set bigger goals


Swimmers set goals and take every step necessary to reach them. They also ensure others on their teams do the same. But one goal is never enough. As soon as one goal is accomplished, a swimmer will set the bar higher and work harder to achieve the next.

14. They cut out the drama


Swimmers don’t bring employee drama to the office. They don’t have time for it. Drama doesn’t belong in the pool, and that means they won’t bring it to work either. A peaceful environment is a productive and efficient one.

15. They have the best mental focus


Swimmers never give up in the middle of practice or a competition. When the sport gets tough, swimmers push harder. No goal is too big for a swimmer, and they will adopt intense mental training for whatever needs to be done.

16. Swimmers have a winning mentality


Swimmers like to win, which means your company will win. Swimmers aren’t afraid to take risks and continue to set goals that allow the swimmer and the company to win together.

17. They own their mistakes


No one wants an employee who doesn’t own his/her mistakes. When swimmers are wrong or make mistakes, they own them. Accountability is a large part of swimming, and a swimmer’s integrity make them the ideal candidate for your team. Diverting accountability and placing blame on others is not an option for swimmers.

18. They can handle more than one task


Swimmers don’t have a one-track mind. They are task oriented and equipped with the mental abilities to handle more than one task at a time. Don’t worry about swimmers splitting up their time and attention trying to focus on multiple things. Swimmers will give each task 100% of their focus at all times.

19. Swimmers have the grades and accolades to back them up


You want a well-qualified, educated, and decorated employee. Swimmers are your best bet. Poor grades and work performance are not allowed to suffer. Swimmers pull off intense training schedules while still going to school AND getting good grades.

20. They can handle criticism


You need a candidate that can handle criticism and use it to improve their performance. Swimmers know exactly how to do that. Swimmers handle criticism, they communicate their concerns with coaching staff, and they listen. Swimmers don’t allow ego to take control. They listen, observe, and make the changes necessary to improve.

If you are an employer looking of the ideal candidate, choose the swimmer. They have been training for this their entire lives.

If you are a swimmer, what qualities to do you bring to the table that make you the perfect fit for your dream job?Be a good employee or intern, don’t let down the good swimmer employee reputation!

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