First  there  was a thought and then…………….

Everything vibrates, from the smallest particle to the mass of the sun, aeverything is vibrating.  Your thoughts can change the vibration of atoms, molecules and sub-atomic particles. This might sound boring at first until you realise that you can change things using your mind.

Every thought you have is a vibration that affects not only your own body and destiny but the body and destiny of others. As a mobile phone can communicate using vibrating sound and hi-frequency waves from one side of the world to the other, and, using thought, so can you.

Certain thoughts travel through walls. And certain other thoughts bounce off walls. In other words there are certain thoughts that can change the vibrations of things at a long distance and certain thoughts that can’t.

Do you know the difference between thoughts that can and thoughts that can’t travel through walls? If you don’t know the difference, you can’t lead people unless they are in the same room as you. If you do know how to make thoughts travel distances, you can trust yourself to make a big difference in the world outside your “control” space.

Your control space is your dimension of trust.

Where are your staff? Are they scattered across the globe? How do you trust them to do what your leadership wants? Do you set up a chain of command so your leadership is scaled down through a stepping system or do you sit each day and communicate with everyone through thought?

There are varying degrees of trust in this communication through thought. The difficulty is that it is always easy in retrospect to see we didn’t pay attention and therefore we doubt ourselves in the future. For example: someone might tell you not a truth and then you get the feeling something is fishy but don’t trust yourself. Then one day, your fishy smell is shown to be right and you forever suspect that your fishy smell detection is wrong or flawed forever.

Trusting Your Thoughts

A weak thought bounces off walls. A strong thought goes through walls. What is the difference between weak and strong thoughts?

Strong thoughts adapt, change, move, flex, grow, curve, they are the ultimate force with no force, they are like water and nothing can stop them. Weak thoughts are rigid, cold, hard and controlled. It is almost the difference between loving what you do versus wishing you could change what you do.

As a key part of Innerwealth i encourage you to know the difference between thoughts that travel through walls and those that will not. This makes a huge difference.

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