Suffering is attachment.  Your ideas are where you are stuck.

What you resist persists. When  you think you’ve got it you haven’t. When you think you won it you don’t. The tighter you hold on to your beliefs the more pain you experience.  Life is not an it, it’s a journey. Movement and flow is essential for life and there’s nothing on earth that doesn’t move. Except of course some ideas we hold onto. This holding is going against the flow and that takes energy. Radical movement is revolution steady movement is evolution. Between the two is your ideal growth rate. Remember, to have something you must let go of it. To defend is to reveal your “stuckness.” To love is to embrace.

When you love an idea it is not a crutch in defence but a concept to be explored. You can use this knowledge to grow.

One response to “Suffering is attachment.  Your ideas are where you are stuck.”

  1. I really needed to hear this right now. Thanks for the wisdom.

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