How dare you walk past a tree and not see

How dare you meditate and yet walk past a tree and not be struck by the awe of it..

Those leaves are a miracle

That trunk is a storybook

The roots are your soul

Do you see yourself mirrored in that tree?

The universe created that leaf. Is there a need for a cushion? Why sit? Does it make you feel superior by sitting? Why not stand and be steady on the feet you’ve been given?

Look up into that tree. There are ants. Miracles in themselves. Birds, amazing, they can fly, while we are still trying to work out how. Those birds build nests. We forget the glory of god in the tree and seek it in books and buildings and robes. We forget and in forgetting we cause ourselves hell.

We dress ourselves for that special day of reverence and yet walk past a tree. Maybe we even curse the tree for the leaves it puts in our street. Maybe we do a back bend or chant OM and feel so mighty and righteous and yet, walk past the red berries that clutter our grass. Damn tree.

How dare you. How dare you. How dare you cross your legs or chant the name of God and yet, walk past the tree without the slightest acknowledgement of gratitude for it. That tree has every wisdom, every knowledge and your future in it’s cells. You forget the tree, you forget your soul. That is no way to live.

Our corporations have no trees. Our offices have no trees. Our buildings hide from trees. Because there are one in one million allergic to nature, we’d rather shoot everyone and save the allergy. I’d suggest don’t hire those with allergies to trees. Let them work at sea as nature intended.

How dare you walk past that tree with its bark all in transition and then read the book about corporate disruption as if it’s like something wow – something a university came up with. Damn, the tree lives by disruption, didn’t you stop once to look?

The tree is always happy as long as there is sun – even the promise of a sunlit day keeps the tree alive in winter. Can you learn from that tree – what is the glow that keeps a human alive other that the light of love in their soul – the future.

That tree is a teacher. You can’t be different. You can only think you are different. You can only say “I am a thinker and I am what I think.” But how dare you walk past that tree without seeing yourself and your delusion of thought. We are at war in the world because people do not see trees, they walk past on their way to their buildings of worship. They walk through heaven on the way to finding it.

Our children once played in trees. That was a learning. You learnt that dead branches always exist in trees. You learnt that ants don’t like footprints and that berries that look good are bad tasting. You learnt so much from trees and you learnt the hard way that going too high without a good grip wasn’t wise. The tree was our best teacher. How dare you walk past our best teacher.

The tree has growth rings. Just like you. It can never be fully satisfied. Nature destroys a satisfied tree. Whatever stops fulfilling its purpose nature destroys. So those growth rings are your dreams too. Stop dreaming, and see what happens to you too.

How dare you walk past a tree without touching her. She is the mirror, the core, the heartbeat, the beauty of your own unique inner being standing there, living and dying in every single second and she is the window through which you can find your soul.

Don’t sit under that tree meditating. That’s like shoving food up your bum hoping it comes out your mouth. Stand up, observe, cry, see, smell, feel, listen, taste… this is the way it is. It is not a superiority of consciousness or some philosophy about peace or save the dolphins or whatever your wounds have caused you to advocate for. The tree is a tree, a perfect mirror of the creation. That is love. That is life.

How dare you walk past a tree and not see….

2 responses to “How dare you walk past a tree and not see”

  1. Can we live without oxygen? Are not trees purifying our air and making sure we have enough oxygen to survive? That should be enough to treat them as sacred beings. I guess people cannot really appreciate what comes for free to them. Thank you for such truthful article.

    1. it’s the same as love. We know it works but so many people misunderstand and do violence in the name of love. Thanks for the support. With Spirit, Chris

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