Some Do's And Don'ts Of Looking After Yourself

Don’t compromise

When people say, “life is a series of compromises, argue not.” Life is a series of priorities, and if you choose a low priority you’ve got your reasons. That’s not a compromise. If you think life’s a compromise how can you be inspired by life. It’s not a compromise. Life is series of choices, to which you think you have free will, but if you choose low priorities, you’ll beat yourself up. So, you can’t compromise, even if you try.

Don’t give up

I have dreams. The amount of time I spend arguing with myself that I should dump those dreams and drive and Uber like some people I know, is unacceptable and yet I do it. I have dreams and some didn’t come to me the way I thought but the one thing a Walker never does is give up. I dream more, harder, deeper, and I don’t care if they come true. What I care about is that I dream and I believe in those dreams. Nothing can shatter them or I’ll simply give up on life altogether. Dreams are the lifeline, the safety jacket, the helmet on a motor bike, the emergency ward to a pregnant mother. Don’t give up. Stay true to your dreams and live as if they are just about to happen.

Don’t ask permission

What I find is that couples, people and friends seek permission from a spouse to make important decisions. I get this in regard to the children but then that’s the end of it. I’m saying that you come home with the decisions made. No negotiation or “how is that for you” because that’s deceptive. Make your decisions, commit to it, announce them and then negotiate how they impact others. If you spend your whole life asking permission to be yourself it’s pretty messed up.

Don’t try to change

You are you. Nobody else is you. You are good at being you. Nobody does it better. You might not like being you. That’s no motive to change you. You are you. The inspiration is learning how to like you. For all your warts and creases. This is important because you might read a book about a better you and think, “oh, I’m so sad and nobody else is sad” but the book is written by a sad person trying to find a way out. They can’t, sadness is as worthy an emotion as happiness.

Don’t try to fix people

Nothing is broken. People are not broken. They say they are broken and if you agree you help make them more broken. People are perfect. They are all where they want to be. Nobody is a victim. Sometimes people argue that they are not where they want to be. But that is head arguing with heart. Listen to heart, it is more reliable and is a true reflection of destiny.

Don’t do anything half hearted

90% of people I meet have become filled with doubt and then try to be strong and then get caught sort of half hearted. A boxer who is half hearted loses. A person who goes for an audition half heartedly will end up playing half hearted people or unemployed. Give yourself to what you do wholeheartedly.

Don’t Smoke

Der… but smoking inciudes lots of other stuff, like riding on motorbikes, push bikes in peak hour. It means sugar and cheap meat.

Don’t surrender

Life is an uphill battle. Life is a competition. Life is a war. Life is a challenge. Life is a journey.

How many of these have you heard?

But did it ever register that what this meant was that life is hard work.

That if you have gone through a hard time, like a disheartened experience, there is an equal probability that you’re going to have another one tomorrow?

It’s any wonder people seek refuge in safe jobs, with steady income, from a big firm without a heart and soul in order to slip under the radar and retire wealthy and healthy.

Me? Well, frankly that radar has always been my target. I’ve aimed for the top and been wounded over and over. It’s a different life.

Either way, when shit comes your way, don’t think the universe is punishing you. Simply, it’s trying to get you back on high priorities. People who work on low priorities attract calamities, disasters and humbling circumstances.

So, you do, to an extent, control the amount of poop that hits your fan. Wise not to cause trouble if you don’t need it. Agree?

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