Cutting through the Crap: How to Waste A Day Of Your Life – Off Track…

I recently read an article about why Life Purpose is the equivalent of slavery.

Every few years a new “circus comes to town” to entertain the corporate “geez I’m so bored” industry with yet another take on why motivated employees are better than not motivated employees, and who claims to have the latest and the greatest insight into the human soul, productivity, motivation, inspiration, transformation, constipation in one easy grab. Amazingly there’s a need for it, they are truly loved for their humour and intellectual relief, an essential ingredient of any conference keynoter.

Here’s the article

And, I think he’s right. A purpose laminated before it dries is no purpose.

He is, of course, an academic and to the mind world of who’s who, purpose and its more esoteric existence might be lost. He’s also right on the money in saying that if it’s not right, it’s not right and that purpose has to be authentic.

But just because we wear a red beard and talk about games, he can’t debunk the history of human kind. All great people have had a purpose in life, greater than themselves. Most mental health problems come from the lack of a purpose greater than self, and the younger generations are struggling with suicide and mental health because purpose, can be shallow.

People who sit at home playing games on computers have a purpose. People who go to casinos have a purpose. Fighters have a purpose. All it is, in simple non academic language is “A BIG WHY.” Which, in academic circles is called “intrinsic Values.”

When a person talks about Motivation – Purpose has no value. It’s absolutely irrelevant. Fun is relevant. Enjoyment is relevant. Happiness is relevant. Purpose isn’t.

When we talk about grace, inspiration and humanity, heart and soul at work, purpose is essential.

And when it comes to grace, inspiration and humanity, heart and soul at work, for those who are ready no words are necessary and for those who are not ready, no words are possible. In this case, judging by the article tone, no words are possible.

How about you?

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