Evolve: 6 Ways to Train Smarter Not Harder in Sport

Training means inflammation. You inflame your body to cause it to react, adapt and therefore improve. Inflammation is an essential part of any fitness program.

So it’s probably no surprise to learn that after training most things we do need to be anti inflammatory in nature. For example: taking protein within 20 minutes of training, consuming some magnesium and sugars within a few minutes of training. Then, rest, rehydration and sleep. Just a few of the anti inflammatory post training duties to help the body evolve and adapt to the training load.

Of course, inflammatory activities near or after training can exacerbate the inflammation and delay recovery. This can include: drinking coffee straight after heavy workout, drinking beer and alcohol within a few hours of a workout or eating too much protein and all sugars more than an hour after a workout.

Inflammatory activities that can delay recovery and therefore cause muscle soreness and slow down recovery include: poor sleep, work stress, sitting for too long, working on computers, worry, anxiety, domestic stress, driving and adding extra exercise to already challenges muscle groups.

Hydration is another key element of anti inflammatory action so, anything that dehydrates, such as alcohol and coffee need to be taken with extra water. Dehydration during training is a severe inflammatory trigger and may also delay recovery.

Steer clear of mushrooms, garlic, raw onion, eggplant and potatoes which are deemed to be the worst of the nightshades and very inflammatory.

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Published by Chris Walker

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