A letter to a busy person

Dear Friend,

I know you’re probably too busy to read this, so I’ll keep it short.

Intensity is the secret to success, not being busy. Being busy is incompetence in life.

I know this. Most of my clients were busy once. They built things, ran things, created things and then blew things up. Busy takes your humanity and throws it in the trash.

“Oh no Chris, that’s not me” you may hear yourself say.

Well that’s what everyone says. “oh, no, it’ll never happen to me.

Being busy doesn’t cause success. It causes problems that take most of what’s created in the pursuit of success and burns it trying to get a life back.

Don’t be busy, be happy. Try to walk with intensity, talk with intensity, work with intensity but avoid being busy. Things will fill your life and time if you let them.

Working on low priorities we sabotage our life. So, actually, the busier you get the more likely you’ll be to sabotage yourself. My suggestion to you is to work out your priorities, eliminate the low ones, be intense with the high ones and don’t be busy.

As a keynote speaker and business man, there was always something and someone wanting to fill my time. Come visit this museum, have lunch, enjoy a chat, meet my friends and an infinite range of theatre events. At first I felt obligated to do it all, thinking that they’d reject me if I didn’t. But in the end, I realised that, as long as I was working on a high priority (rather than watching tv or drinking) my reason for not attending was well received.

Your day can easily be filled with what you call busy things, but I’ve found that I can cut at least 50% of the time consuming activities out of  person’s day, even when they argue that everything is essential.

Busy people are at capacity so why would a boss, a universe or a friend give them more if the look on their face is “I’m so busy.”

Sometimes people come to me for help but they can’t do the exercises because they are too busy. They’re stressed or under pressure. Ironically, it’s the exercises that will engage them fully and eventually create space to get more done in less time. You see it’s about priorities.

To busy means unable to open your heart, a lack of respect for the gift of being, a diminishing of life into materialism and time zones and outcomes. Ironically, the best way to create material wealth, be on time and generate outcomes is to be intense in action but never busy.

Intensity is a meditation. No need for candles and chants. If you do what you do with intensity all your senses come together on one topic, one person, one thing and then, well you are meditation, there’s no real need to do meditation. You become it.

When we say “put your heart into it” this doesn’t mean be busy. It means, be vigilant against low priorities that fill your time but sabotage your self worth.

This is Innerwealth.

With Love and Wisdom




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