What Would You Do?

Innerwealth Book Cover Christopher Walker

“My best friend died. My love for life died with him. How do I get that love for my life back?”

“I loved my life and then we got a divorce.  Now I’m struggling to get my feet back on the ground because I miss my kids and don’t have full custody. I’m angry a lot and argue with my ex frequently about money. How do I get my love for my life back?”

“I loved my business but it didn’t love me and now I hate it, I’ve lost my love for it. What do I do? How do I get my love for my business back and get it profitable and fun again?”

“I loved my job. Then I got this arse of a boss and I really can’t stand her. She and I just butt heads all day. She doesn’t like me either. How do I deal with this because it’s really making us both ill?”

“I loved my husband. But I don’t anymore. I’m having a fling with someone else and I’m addicted to him. How do I get to love my husband again and do I confess?”

“I’m a professional sportsman. I’ve been diagnosed with depression or chronic fatigue, seems they’re similar. I used to love my life but now I’ve hit the deck and can’t get up. I feel so sad I don’t know what’s left. How do I get to love winning back again?”

These questions face everyone. They are not obscure once in a while events that happen to people. They are almost a part of a normal life, in some form or another. So, it is important to know “what you’d do if?” Because the if is a highly possible one and with good preparation, they are not so hard to deal with.

Innerwealth Book Cover Christopher Walker

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