Change the Way You See Things… Think Smarter Not Harder

Chris Walker Consciousness ConeThere are many ways of looking at the same thing.

And everybody thinks their watch tells the right time.

So which way of looking at things is right?

Maybe the examination of the need to answer that last question is the most important…

Is there a right way to think?

Every therapist, religion, corporate HR, psychologist, humanitarian, leader, partner, self help guru, life coach and interfering friend is going to have an opinion. They are going to say, “my watch tells the right time.”

But if you follow them around, especially inside their heart and mind, you might find that their way of thinking includes anger and hate and judgement and lost intimacy and broken homes and sexism and …. well, you know ….

Consciousness on the other hand is not about a right or wrong way to think. It just helps categorise thinking into “low” or “high” meaning “unconscious” or “conscious.” Neither conscious nor unconscious is right. It just has certain consequences.

Objectivity is the key here.

The unconscious person doesn’t know they are unconscious. Actually, relative to someone else, they may be conscious. Say a fundamentalist with a weapon who wants to do harm to others is super unconscious but the police who disarm them are more conscious. This doesn’t mean that the police are “high consciousness” it means they are “higher” consciousness than the fundamentalist…

Life makes you more conscious

Without any priest or preacher, teacher or life coach, you will become more conscious every day of your life. You evolve at the border of support and challenge, and, whether you like it or not, you get an equal dose of each of those two daily.

Blocked consciousness

The only way your consciousness can get blocked is by separation. If you separate yourself from the world under the subordination of a teacher who is not changing what they teach, you will become stressed. Stress is a sign of blocked consciousness.

Incubators that block consciousness

Some teachers would rather hold you down, they don’t change what they teach and therefore they don’t want you to change what you learn. Those teachers can even draw radical ideas from ancient books and hold you captive, repeating the words from that book. In this way, you can become mentally ill.


You can’t be incubated in nature. A teacher can’t incubate you and block your consciousness if you are connected to nature. To disconnect from nature read books, watch movies. That’s a complex argument for some people. On one hand nature is saying be free. On the other hand the book says “follow these limitations, ideals and join our club:

Defining higher and lower consciousness

Got to do – This thinking is fundamentalism. On the one side of the coin is extreme pleasure. On the other side extreme darkness. You can’t have one side without the other. The promise of the teacher in this realm of consciousness is that you can defy nature.

Should do … This thinking is in the realm of shame, guilt and social conformity. On one side of the coin there is a sense of acceptance and being approved of (some call it loved) but on the other side of the coin is self rejection and anger about the confusion between what others want of us and what we want.

Need to … This thinking is in the realm of self absorption, narcism, pleasure seeking and addiction. It is confused with the quest for happiness. This is very easily manipulated into actions that promise a pleasure without a pain. The other side of the coin is the pain that has been hidden under the greener grass.

Want to … Maslow called this “the peak of human awakening” and labelled it self actualisation. It is, in fact, still dual and has a much higher probability of mental and emotional fulfillment. The other side of the coin is that it leads to a state of absolute ambivalence, neither driven by a got to desperation nor high enough to find motivation and stimulation from a sense of purpose.

Higher Consciousness

Desire, Choose and Love to are three levels refered to as higher consciousness. Here the two sides of the coin are transparent. Pleasure and pain are not separated, self and other are not separated, right and wrong come together and support and challenge are one topic.

In this state of thinking choices are made with sustainable considerations. One is not looking for split high’s and lows but acknoweledges the existence of both. Hence the drive is not emotional nor physical but instead, a vision, inspiration and purpose.





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