1,567,892 People Directly Impacted By Innerwealth: Putting The Heart and Soul into Work and Life.

At the beginning of last week the count was 1,567,892 people who have been directly impacted by Innerwealth: Putting the Heart and Soul Back into Work and Life.

They’ve attended a program, a keynote, a workshop, done coaching, been married to someone who attended, works for an employer who has implemented the Innerwealth Human Potential Program into their Business Culture or is a part of a community who follows Innerwealth for Mental Health.

The realisation is that from this number, millions of others are impacted. And as the news media delivers more global challenges, it becomes even more important to teach the resilience that comes from love and grace rather than force and fight.

Across the world business leaders are becoming obsessed with Innerwealth for both self-preservation and in the interests of sustainable business models that supply product value and employee wellbeing. What they are recognising is that Innerwealth and having an open heart at work is more than rhetoric.

As a life coach I get to work with a broad spectrum of people all of whom are amazing and inspired and yet, are either in an organisation that’s dysfunctional or have bought into a dysfunctional process for living and working that makes them feed bad.

Mental health is the fastest growing challenge on earth. We see deluded religious fanatics more capable than ever before of causing pain and suffering. Where once mental health was a generic topic it is now an alarm bell. We know that people in mentally unstable spaces cause mayhem both to themselves and now others.

So, putting the heart and soul into work and life isn’t just nice. It’s really important. There must be those in the world who move beyond the polarity of right against wrong and don’t make a polarised stand but instead work with heart. 100% heart.

Step one: Do You – Learn the RealSpirit process of Putting your Heart and Soul into Your Work and Life (VIP PROCESS)

Step two: Learn Back on Track – the process for helping others put their Heart and Soul into Work and Life…  So you can help others without ego or emotion.

Step three: Become a teacher of Innerwealth to Corporate Teams and Public Seminars.

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