Happiness is A Habit

Happiness is a habit. It’s a choice you make. It does not mean the absence of unhappiness. It means that even when challenge exists, we know it’s normal, so we just accept it. By defining happiness as a choice, we get the opportunity to go easier on ourselves.

Although most of the western world allows circumstance to dictate their happiness and affect their energy, this is not essential and in some ways, makes us too vulnerable. You are not your work, you are not your relationship, you are not your wealth, you are something far more resilient and wonderful than all that. And I’d like to introduce you to it.

Because rich or poor, success or not, in or out of a relationship or struggling with life circumstances or not, this part of you that we’ll meet in this book, is absolutely shock proof, filled with happiness and is filled with enthusiasm for life, whatever the circumstance.

The heart of a person sees life differently to the mind. It obeys different laws, it has different measures of success and it has different objectives in relationship. Your heart is your spirit and your spirit is your core. This is where real happiness comes from. If you can connect to it, as I hope to share in this book, you’ll be able to deal with life and challenge and leadership and everything else that comes your way, without the drama that’s considered normal in our world.

Our lives are definitely not random. There are steps on the journey. Those steps are natural, nature’s way and we can not avoid that way. We can procrastinate, diverge, accelerate, but eventually we’ll just come back to the path. It’s like being on a cruise ship dancing and partying, enjoying the ride, while always moving toward a predetermined destination set by the captain before we left the dock.

Entering the stream.

We throw off the 3 dark emotions and recognise that life, without them as a burden, is beautiful. With this step we enter a new stream, moving continually forward, striving for a more awakened, peaceful and happier state of mind.

Smell the Roses.

We develop the 4 awareness of mindfulness. We become aware that what we think, what we do, have consequences far beyond what we can see. We realise with great astonishment that secrets are not secrets, that intention is as powerful a driving force toward outcome as any action or movement. What lies beneath our activities is as important as the activity itself.

Enjoy the Journey.

 We learn the 4 secrets of right effort. We recognise that there is a limit to the time we have and that time itself is extremely precious. We learn from the past that, even wanting something to happen does not cause it to happen without right effort. We learn to refine our energy usage, directing our effort toward those things we choose. We learn to experience, cause and effect.

Celebrate the Peaks.

We discover the 4 basis of success and in doing so tap our deepest humanity. We recognise that we are not super-hero’s or magicians, and that nature has gifted us with certain unique talents. We learn that there are important outcomes of our life, and that we can only work hand in hand with our natural born gifts to create what we wish for. We start refining those activities and focus on our gifts. We don’t want to leave this planet with our beautiful, natural talents all bottled up inside of us.

Plant Flowers.

The five faculties of the leader lift us into positions of social responsibility. Here, we learn to trust those things within us that have no name, no measure, no form. These are the essence of great leadership. We become capable of guiding others without abusing them.

Let the Sunshine In.

The five powers of awakening are nature. Here we lose the identification with “I” and become part of nature. Our identity fades and we merge into the greater good.

A New Day.

Seven factors of awakening bring us closer to realisation. Here we can direct our efforts toward healing and guidance of others. Our own needs are already satisfied. We become absolutely unconditional in our work.

Fertilise the Ground.

We return to the first step, and begin the journey a second time. Humbled, and without the distractions of the first, we re-live every step facing the world with loving kindness, compassion joy and equanimity. We are teachers, or helpers and extend a hand to those who reach out for it.

Plant for Next Season

The final realisation on the Path is that of the whole temporary nature of all existence. Nothing lasts, nothing sustains, nothing happens without a negative or positive consequence. The system is beautiful, there is just no need to change it.

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