Your One True Love

Many people believe that they have one true love. I do too.

Except that I believe we live many times in one lifetime. We’re not reborn death to life, but within life.

A depression or a shock is the end of one life and the rebirth of another. Within one lifetime there can be many such experiences.

This is why we fall in and out of love with different people, especially people who, for some reason, choose not to evolve with us.

Evolving usually requires a shock. A sudden disruption to our values. It can be as simple as a divorce or loss of a parent, but it can be even more traumatic such as a death of a loved one or life threatening event.

Whatever the cause, a depression is the bridge between the past and the future. These can, if left in the hands of therapists and if the patient is threatening their life, last for years instead of weeks.

Either way, at the end of a depression, there is rebirth and with rebirth comes an opening to a new love. Such is why we may have more than one true love.

The more “shocks” we have, the more true loves we will meet. This is real.

So, if you’re depressed, hurry through it, your true love is waiting on the other side.

And you can, in spite of what others say, determine the pace of your own recovery.

With Love and wisdom


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