Education and Evolution in the Sherpa Of Nepal

This lake is sacred and this village has self regulated building environmentally safe Ecco systems to house many many people without degradation – when you hear only bad stories about pollution on Mt Everest please don’t think it is about the whole truth. This village is self regulating Ecco friendly under Sherpa management – it is a part of Sherpa culture – love and respect for nature – actually also Buddhism as practiced by Tibetan history. Of course, conservation and forest management has been challenged by plastic food wraps and too much poo, and many tourist wanting scrambled eggs for breakfast cooked on open wood fires. But the Sherpa evolved and created new practices. This is why education and evolution must work hand in hand, keeping pace with new realities. Great work Sherpa people of the Khumbu.

All photos below are taken at Gokyo and Gokyo Re

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