Can Nature (biophilia) Really Change A Business Culture and Improve your Love Life?

I think we must start with a proposition: You are different in nature….

You go on holidays to nature places… somewhere inside of you there’s an urge, a drive to escape the urban jungle and go bush for a break.

On the weekend, do you get some fresh air or simply hibernate in front of a computer?

I’ve been taking corporate execs and entrepreneurs to nature for 30 years. They’re different in nature.

They are definitely more visionary, more inspiring, more generous, more open-hearted. They love more and they lead better.

Seems to me, all the things that make for a great leader and a great life happen pretty much automatically when we go to nature and get connected with it.

Of course, one can disconnect from nature while in nature, so there’s a bit of a skill or a set of circumstances that make that nature experience functional. One of which is NOT meditation.

So, the question has always been for people “how do I bring it home?”

I mean, we go to nature, connect and then 10 minutes after we get back into the car, we’re nuts again, music playing, indicator on, hitting the gas to overtake another car. We get back to being city folk pretty quick. And add a few kids in the back ripping each other’s hair out, nature trips are brilliant but translating it into a city life, is so clumsy. Five hours in the car, a few hours in nature, five hours in the car and back. Boom more work than it might be justified plus, carbon footprint issues abound.

Try something different. Biophilia.

Nature is in you. You are nature. So why not stay home and go to the local park, your back yard, the beach and become absolutely your best self – even at lunch time. The skills for this are identical to the ones we use in Nepal on the Himalayas, $5000 away, 14 days absent, and tested.

You can learn how to go out the back door and be there.

But more important than that, you can sustain it at work and at home, in your heart and in your soul. You can become a nature connected individual irrespective of whether you’re near Base Camp on Mt Everest (my home) or on the 60th floor of a high-rise. Nature is you, you are nature. We are the environment we create.


Well it’s simpler than you might think.

There are five “laws” of nature. They are the reason it feels so great being in nature. The laws of nature are a music – sensory, perceptive, inspired. When we break those laws in city life – we disconnect and that’s the root of all human struggle. When we disconnect from nature’s laws we connect to “human laws” – and in doing so, fragment ourselves.

The truth be known, human laws and nature’s laws work hand in hand. There’s no real conflict but human laws range from emotional turmoil to spiritual bliss. There’s such a bunch of the “what’s the right way” of being human that we often become messed up following a tangent or side track of misinterpretation.

I’m here to fix that misinterpretation because if I share a nature law, out in nature, you can seek alignment between human law and nature’s law. Only one of which doesn’t change.

So, think it through. Biophilia.. the laws of nature, might add an enormous clarity to your self leadership, business choices and love. It may just be a way to slice through the rhetoric and find the life and quality of life you’re looking for.

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