Inspired dreams are the driving force of inspired action

When you ask a child “what do you want for Xmas?” or “what do you want for your birthday?” you don’t get a calculated, “what can you afford?” response. Well, not until you teach it and the child is no longer a child.

We teach our children bad tricks sometimes. “Nothing affects the child more than the unlived life of the parent.” and when the child dies in the parent, the obsession becomes to kill it in the child too. “We can’t afford that” or “that was very greedy” we spread our own smelly sox all over our children’s heart and it’s those hearts I get to work with.

Inspired dreams exist in every heart but an adult or grandparent may now be inbuilt within the mind of that person to quash the spirit, kill the joy, bring in the realism, get practical, quote the bible, be moral, cloak in hand, kill the child.

In first nation cultures, this child that gets parentally quashed and then persoanlly quashed is called the spirit.

The spirit, this child within us all is a “thrill seeker” not all that useful in adding up the columns in an excel spread sheet. Not at all valuable in negotiating busy traffic on the way to the office. Absolutely no real value add in a negotiation.

So, it’s completely understandable when the inner child gets quashed by self and others. It’s valuable in war (fighting spirit), valuable in sport (winning spirit) and valuable in the incredible resilience of a leader (entrepreneurial spirit), but in those who’ve quashed it, those states of inspired enthusiasm are not valuable because they are forgotten and lost.

The mathematician who works without the inner child (the spirit) will mark numbers on a blackboard and in doing so, earn a living. The mathematician who works with his inner child alive and well will be laughing her way through the experience, live longer, die wealthier and enjoy the process more. They both achieve numbers on the blackboard.

Inspired dreams are the result of inspired action and inspired action is the result of inspired dreams. It is hard for me to describe the butt kicking I need to do to help people write inspired dreams. Often, the visions and dreams are like – “mow the lawn” or “play with the kids more” or “go on holiday to expensive beach.” And the same individuals are wondering why their kids aren’t listening to their boring rhetoric.

With butt kicking everyone remembers this spirit of adventure that’s in them. They break free of the shackles of mundane domesticity and confess “I have a dream.” (Sorry Martin Jnr)

So, if it ain’t adventurous, inspiring, none of the same, beyond groundhog day “gee wiz more but not too much more” then it ain’t inspired, and an uninspired dream makes a person uninspiring which makes their partner uninspired by them and then there’s a cascade downward.

Shake it up. Life coaching for thrill seekers – find that inner child and let her/him rip.

With Spirit



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