Building Your Inner Wealth

It’s very difficult to balance the need for a bulletproof exterior with a deep and probing interior. I’ve met thousands of business execs, sports stars and performers who’ve made it with one but rarely both.

The trouble with the interior process is that we can confuse it. For example you may hear people speak about humility and think that it means feeling small and insignificant on the inside of you. That’s not correct.

Or you might hear about being resilient and think that it’s about becoming a prima-donna on the outside, demanding that the world meet your standards but forget that this is not at all resilient, in fact, it turns our world inside out and causes fractured sensitivity. That’s almost the opposite to resilience.

Inner Wealth is at the core of your interpretation and choices about life. It’s the knowledge that keeps you inspired on the one hand and healthy in your responses to the world on the other. In other words it’s about inner and outer self.

In trekking the mountains or playing sport, I’ve been faced with situations that have caused me to dig deep. At first, for the majority of situations that meant dig deep into my ego, which is great because that’s what it’s there for. But sometimes the situation demanded more. Fear, uncertainty, confusion, pain or shattered self belief had no defence against the situation.

That’s when the inner wealth kicks in. Every step or every breath is a victory. Each moment becomes a celebration. It’s an art form. There’s no comparatives. You stop caring about whether your nose is running or your sox are pulled up, the ego burnt and the afterburner kicks in.

Away we go and then, the end. Ironically, as things ease up, everything returns to normal and it’s almost like we hear ourselves say “it wasn’t so hard” but it was.

Not so physical, not so mentally hard, it was spiritual. Don’t really know what that means. I guess it’s Inner Wealth.

Many years ago, I became depressed after a divorce. The same stuff that goes on in Nepal on a mountain, when people crumble, turn back, claim altitude sickness which is often a phantom of attitude sickness, kicked in for me. I looked up and my ego was gone, my heart went out of it and the depression took over. I marched to a cliff to end it all.

Inner Wealth is something you don’t know you have until you use it. It’s a moment. Not a life. It’s a moment when you feel gifted, blessed. I think it’s a moment of grace or love or nirvana but once you feel it, you know it.

Since these experiences I’ve been obsessed with the art of teaching it. It’s funny because it means I’ve got to find people who are as seriously in the ego shattering space as I was in order for it to make sense. For everyone else, I’m really talking gobbledegook.

I put the two words Inner and Wealth together to create and offered the science of finding this inner strength to many. Let me tell you a few reactions.

I got run out of a Canadian town by people who felt traditional ways were better even though, 15 kids a year suicide and they have made no change to it.

I got attacked by a group because they felt my teaching defied their religion.

I’ve been shunned by some family and friends.

So, the trip isn’t ego feeding. If it was, I’d have tens of thousands of fans. It doesn’t feed the ego like meditation or yoga. It cuts through and feeds something else.

The best way to describe innerwealth is sitting by a campfire looking into the flames on a starlit night, in silence.


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