A One Day Detox Program

  1. Wake before sunrise with the thought “thank God I’m alive.” Make sure you feel this, not just think it.
  2. Drink a glass or two of pure (boiled or distilled) lukewarm water instead of coffee or tea when you wake.
  3. Skip coffee / caffeine for just today and drink pure water all day and herbal tea (jasmin or ginger are great)
  4. Instead of pounding the pavement or hitting the gym go for a nature walk and watch the sunrise
  5. Work on being thankful that you got to be here.
  6. Make a list of all the things/people that have happened to cross your path in life that you find hard to be thankful for and find a way to be thankful without using double negatives (thankful that he/she taught me never to ….)
  7. Once the day begins, only eat raw food. No bread, no sugar, nothing from a packet, no dairy, meat/fish is ok.
  8. Drink no alcohol today. Tomorrow you can.
  9. Chew everything you eat 50 times each mouthful
  10. Try to say thank you to at least 100 people today
  11. Write a thank you letter to someone you’ve been ignoring and tell them how much you appreciate them
  12. To your kids and spouse, family make an effort to pop them a line or a kiss and say “I love you.”
  13. Smile warmly at people you’ve never met – make their day.
  14. Drop $5 somewhere. Make someone’s day… don’t look back to see who received it.
  15. Change someone’s life.
  16. At work, go for a walk at lunch time instead of sitting down.
  17. Hold just one meeting outdoors. Instead of sitting at a cafe or office walk in the park with a business meeting or friend.
  18. Come home from work via a small piece of nature and sit and deep breathe for a few minutes and come home with more energy than you left with in the morning.
  19. Be enthusiastic around your family when you get home…
  20. Before bed, say a long thankyou prayer before sleep for the day by counting backward by the hour and remembering every hour something special about the day past.
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