Wasted Talent Is a Crime Against Creation

There is nothing that pains me more than to see wasted talent. Amazing people who have a gift but who are trapped by family, emotion, fear or even obligations that prevent them singing their song, dancing their dance, building their bridge.

I see genius in every person I meet and then I meet their doubts. Sometimes they blame their family or their history or some event done to their ancestors, either way, wasted talent is wasted talent.

I used to sing. I was a shit singer. Couldn’t keep a note in tune. So that’s not my talent but what was behind those notes, behind the music, the heart is my talent.

We must not take our talent to the grave. That’s what happens when the mortgage gets more important than the music. It stops people. It’s what happens when relationships become more important than gifting your talent. You have to know this.

I believe your talent is worth dying for. If you were on the way to learn your beloved saxiphone when the earth swallowed you, at least your kids would say “he / she died doing what she / he loved, instead of “they hated their job” and died doing it.

Don’t die full.

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