Being a First Adopter in Human Possibility – Innerwealth

When you do Innerwealth, you take a risk. You step out of the mundane and you create history as a first adopter. Here’s what you’re adopting first and what will one day be recognised as pure genius on your part.

  1. Meditation as taught in the West doesn’t work and is a prostitution of what meditation was always meant to teach, and that was how to live, not withdraw.
  2. That there are two sides to everything and everyone and therefore attraction, repulsion, infatuation and resentment, elation and depression are uneccesary thoughts that follow the path of the ego and delusion.
  3. Time is not a key factor in “getting over” something. Whether it’s a minor car accident, a divorce or a death of a loved one, traditional process that we’ve inherited as Meme’s don’t work and you’re on the front edge of that.
  4. Your work is not the thing you are most “engaged” in… that’s a myth. You are engaged in your values, and whatever triggers your highest value you’ll engage, try to control, become upset when you can’t and sabotage anything or anyone that gets between you and it.
  5. You have a talent, an innate skill, a thing inside you that really needs to be outside you. Every day you waste that talent you’ll feel dark clouds no matter how much you try. That talent isn’t job specific, it’s intent and it’s a world changing talent that, if you died doing it, you’d die with a smile on your dial.
  6. There is endless chaos on this planet. You can see it on every street corner. But none of it is bad. That’s a viewpoint that requires that you get beyond self obsessive self identification and begin to have a flexible identity.
  7. Chemistry of the body is the most important aspect of the body. Chemistry of the body is controlled by food, exercise, recovery, water, environment, emotion and thought. You can change all of these if you want and you lead the world in this awareness. Just look at your poo. If it’s stinky and sinky, you’re eating too much meat. IF it’s fluffy and floaty you’re eating well. If it doesn’t get to the water, you’re eating too much grass.
  8. Sex and procreation are two different topics.
  9. Money makes the world go round and you were born spiritual, so you job is to materialise your spirituality. No practice on earth can make you more spiritual, more worthy of love, more loveable, more ticketed to the gates of fictitious heavens. You know this, so you are years if not decades ahead of your time…
  10. Whether you enjoy life or don’t is up to you and depends on how many people’s approval you seek.
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