Inspiration is Real and It’s What Anyone Who’s Experienced Real Life Understands. It’s not an emotion.

Inspiration is not an emotion.Emotions come from all different parts of the brain. If information is received in certain parts of the brain, emotions are triggered. A loud noise, a beautiful sunset, a nice perfume, a bad taste, touching smooth skin, these all go to certain parts of the brain and trigger a response.

But there are also short cuts. It has been shown that expectations can trigger responses without going through the normal brain channels. Seeing red rose for example can trigger a multiple range of brain areas based on memories of the scent, or romantic dinners, or, simply because red roses mean something in the world, we bypass thinking all together and just feel things based on our memories, beliefs, ideas and subconscious patterns.

These subconscious expectations accumulate with time. We call this learning, or experience. The more negative of these we have the more expectations we have that things will go wrong and the smaller our world becomes. This happens in jobs where the company has treated us badly, or someone has treated us badly, we can easily subconsciously expect the same tomorrow, even if things have changed.

Neuroplastisity and the Placebo Effect are acknowledging what spiritual science has known for thousands of years… and that is that your expectations can cause your reality.

In New York a study was done of people who’d been mugged. 99% had a fear of being mugged before it happened. They were a magnet for trouble. They asked the criminal how they chose their victims, and although they had different words for it, they targeted the fearful.

Another study asked people to pray for sick people. They told the sick people they were being prayed for. The praying people didn’t pray for all the people, only half, but all the sick people who thought they were being prayed for, improved.

In sport this science has gone much further but as you can see from the choking in the Olympics, there is still, in Australia, a long way to go because what happens to expectations that are not embedded properly, only on the surface and about half way down the pool the “winning mindset” is challenged by a losing situation?

Inspiration comes when you break through expectations that keep you in emotional bypasses – lets call them MEMES.

If nothing changes in your MEMES … nothing changes in your expectations. The negatives get stronger and the positives get stronger. For example – if someone doesn’t support you at work does that trigger your MEME about dad not supporting you and as a result, before they even speak, you’re having an emotional reaction to them?

If a good looking person walks past does it trigger a meme of love and make you “think” that you love that person you’ve never even met?

INSPIRATION is when Memes get brushed aside and we cut through the mire of expectations. We can do that “accidentally” in moments of “wow” or we can train our brain to go to that place anytime we want.

Also, we can recognise when we are not inspired.

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