Mobile Meditation – The Ultimate Guide

To live a spiritual life is not just meditating. Although this can release tensions and reactions. It is really about becoming aware of the essence of your own life, and then beginning to live from that essence, whether you’re walking, riding the subways, working in your job, or something else.

True honest spiritual practice has no real definition. You can be in the pub or in a monastery. It’s not about being a hipster, non violent or a vegetarian. All those are choices we make. More than that, true spiritual practice is about living a vision, following your purpose and staying inspired by life itself. Spiritual practice, if you take out the fluff, is about doing what you were born to do, doing it with passion and dealing with the essential chaos, negative emotions and challenges that come your way.

It’s about being aware of your visions, your aims and desires, your purpose and intention, that essence of your life at all times. It’s about connecting whatever you do to something greater than yourself, a sense of bigger purpose, a significant contribution, a validation that your life has meaning and is important in this vast cosmos.

Whether you’re sitting still or moving around your intent will be clear, you have a purpose and that purpose becomes your overriding intention. If your relationship fails it’s because your purpose is taking you somewhere else and if you fall in love it’s to help you live, breathe and deliver on your purpose.

That’s why a compelling vision is vital to you. You are lining up the emotional motives you have in each of the seven areas of life so that they target on your singular purpose. Think about it, you have a body with a mind, a mind with a mind and a spirit with a mind. Sometimes pulling in all different directions, sometimes pulling in the same direction. Getting these lined up in a harmony is what I believe to be the harmony of nature.

You wont need a special place – environment – in order to have that experience. You will have expended the experience of all the techniques into your whole life, and made your whole life itself an act of meditation. That’s why nature is a great friend. It’s everywhere, everywhere the same, no different in Botswana as it is in Iceland. Nature is therefore a brilliant guide to life.

This work of Innerwealth, presents real, natural concepts with which to live spiritually in life and business. I hope that the tools provided here help make your life, your business, and your relationships more loving, more inspired, and less stressed. From this, I know that the world will smile more.

Love all things and beings, be in harmony with all with the right understanding, and beautify your life by observing the beauty within.. Love, harmony and beauty, you must turn the whole of your life into a single vision.

The more you follow the path of exploration into the mystery of life, the more life becomes revealed to you. Life begins to express its secret, its nature. What is required of us for deeper understanding, is a commitment to follow earnestly the laws of life. This is ultimately found in the study of self, and through this study of self we come to know that it is really the study of the powers of the human spirit.

True self awareness is a mobile meditation which travels everywhere you go. If you observe it, then it becomes a new way of living in your world, changing your life and those who surround you. With this awareness there comes more caring, hearts begin to open and those people who are hurt or bent on hurting others, see a better, more conscious way of finding their own peace, within.

It is such a relief to know that the most scared place on earth is right here inside your heart and that the only thing that can get in the way of knowing that is ignorance, a subject that can easily be changed, There was no more a need to travel and search for what was already mine. This book shares the ways you too can plumb the depth of your own spirit and find a depth within yourself where all the theories and philosophies drop away and you are left with an amazing awareness of beauty, harmony and love in your life.
Putting this in urban talk, you would be wise to learn how to deal with the following challenges:

  1. Emotional – letting go and dealing with any stress that might be lingering from the past.
  2. Health and cellular – doing a detox and maybe updating your daily regime for wellbeing
  3. Environment – making the essential changes to bring in the new and let go the past
  4. Priorities – working out your values, understanding what you want and moving toward it
  5. VIP – vision, inspiration and purpose – time for a new outlook – an upgraded purpose and vision
  6. Self talk – you are really your internal guru … we’ll check that you are being good to you

In nature talk, you will evolve through the cycle of growth whenever you find yourself confronted by a disagreeable situation.

This cycle is nature’s cycle although I have worded it in human terms. As you progress through the experiences you will come to understand how this corresponds to being in nature, in true harmony within.

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