Why Do Innerwealth Life Coaching With Chris?

Reason #1… Because you love life


Yeah, work is important, love is important, being healthy is important, being a good leader is important, being a great parent is important, having fun is important but who is going to be really honest with you and warn you that you are about to stuff it up?

The pain of regret outweighs the pain of discipline and Innerwealth coaching is about a weekly checkin, a process of honest dialogue and 360 degree visioning. It’s about solving problems before they happen.

Reason #2 … Because you don’t want to hurt people


Just like me, you lead people you love and care about into dangerous places. They trust you, rely on you, believe in you to get them to wherever you promised to take them. In my case, I’ve taken 400 or so people into some of the most dangerous high altitude trekking environments in the world, and been paid to do it. But that’s nothing compared to what you do with your work and your family.

To lead others we must first lead ourselves. You can’t give what you haven’t got. So, this second reason for doing Innerwealth life coaching is to step away from the coal face, step back, refresh, replenish, expand yourself, spread your wings and then, turn up for others in a wise and healthy space. You do owe it to yourself and others to do no harm.

Reason #3 … because you want to fast track over speed bumps


Anyone who promises that you are going to be immune from chaos in your life is pulling your ear (and leg). We evolve at the border of chaos and order so, the faster you move through the hierarchy of business and personal challenge the more of it you get. If you grow through challenge it’s a far different process than the ground hog process of barging your way through them. Remember, the most expensive life coaching on earth is a hospital.

My mission is to listen, to feel where the challenges are, to process them with you so you evolve, not repeat old patterns, to unlearn as we call it. To see situations differently, to change perspective, adapt, learn how to change your mind rather than change your life. In simple language, it means putting you squarely in the driver’s seat of your life and clearing the fog that can make that seat uncomfortable. It’s about staying inspired in everyday life.

Reason #4 … because you have a job to do bigger than you


Yes, we all have to pay the rent, buy the house, pay the school fees, go on holidays, replace the washing machine and upgrade the car… or at least most do find this a necessity for life.

But at the end of the day, there’s more to life than earning, spending, buying, selling, buying, spending, eating and earning. There’s purpose.

And although Innerwealth coaching is very much oriented to helping you meet your values and get what you want, there’s a higher calling in this coaching and that is to help you aim your inner compass on something far more stable and rewarding… your purpose to help others.

That’s why you do VIP 360 degree Vision, Inspiration and Purpose in your coaching sessions.

Reason #5 …Life Balance


You know, in your heart of hearts, that there’s no such thing as a half hearted success story. But what you may not know is that there’s no such thing as a balanced person. Human beings are a part of nature and nature doesn’t have balance, she seeks balance. It’s a dynamic, moving, ever changing, ocean current of wind blowing search for balance that never stops.

Innerwealth coaching is also an education and learning process. Sometimes what you hear or read isn’t nature, isn’t real, it’s myth wrapped up in placebo. So, instead of living an entire life of frustration and disappointment chasing rainbows that don’t exist, we sit down, look at nature, look at what exists in humanity and create real expectations.

Inspired Fulfillment


Total Human Awareness means big vision in all seven areas of life. In other words balanced in each of the seven areas of life. A balanced person has vision in each area of life. New inspiration means a deep inner fulfilment, a multi level satisfaction across all seven areas of life. This is the power of the inner life. Complete appreciation and contentment.

But it’s so easy to forget it. To forget that you are 10/10 in all seven areas of life because nothing is missing just changed in form. This awareness is transformative. It breaks through every mental health and emotional issue, solves all stress at the root, and changes your immune system. This investment alone is worth its weight in gold. To remain inspired in everyday life needs outside view, a helicopter view and as Einstein said “you can’t solve a problem at the level that caused it.” in other words, outside eyes see what looks like a mess as pure order. That’s a key ingredient of Innerwealth Coaching.

Reason #7… Brand you – Loyalty Commitment and Inspiration from others

PictureMicMaq First Nation Nepal working with leaders and Band Council on violence, suicide prevention and personal development projects for individuals.

Can people trust you? This is a key to great work and building loyalty, commitment and inspiration in others. We are human, we do fluctuate, we do have emotions but if those emotions run us, or get under our skin we can become a loose cannon, and then others will give us the space to be unpredictable. A key to success in business or art is constancy of application, call it personal brand. If that brand is temporary or emotionally loaded, reactive or aggressive it will destroy loyalty, commitment and inspiration from others, the essence of great leadership.

Great dancers, great musicians they must turn up and perform regardless of their personal challenges, so most know where to reach out to get help if a dark cloud comes and blocks their sun. So, this is a vital ingredient of Innerwealth Life Coaching, a lifeline that, once established is there when needed. And, on  a weekly basis can prevent the accumulation of stress to breaking point.

Reason 8# … Because nature never grows in straight lines


Learning how to take time out for you, call it me time, is probably the single greatest key to lasting relationships, business success, personal health and innerwealth. The time available is shrinking in this digital world, it’s getting harder to be honest with ourselves as we’re surrounded by subliminal marketing, sounds, electronic footprints we are unaware of. Old ways are too clumsy. We need new science of self awareness, a REAL nature based, non denominational, easy to apply honestly that brings us home to self, a place from which all can grow, all can evolve, all can change and yet, inside, internally, life becomes a beautiful constant. This is the real meaning of self sufficiency. It is a commitment to live, love life from the inside out and after 35 years exploring the Himalayas, going to nearly every self help guru on earth, listening to thousands of hours of keynotes and presentations and sitting in meditation and yoga for hundreds of hours, I know Back on Track has distilled the essence of it. A short cut straight to the heart of self sufficiency leading to the ability to live, love life while all else remains in its essential state of flux.

Reason 9# … Because the size of your vision determines the size of your life

“The two most important days of your life.
The day you were born and the day you find out why”
Mark Twain

PictureRed Carpet Club, Beijing, China launching my Sacred Love book in Mandarin. Lost track of sales … amazing .. love is everywhere.

When you start to achieve those things you promised yourself you’d do, like have a family, make a job, earn some bucks, play a sport, kiss a girl or boy, play with children… then what?

Most people don’t appreciate the power that having unfulfilled dreams has on them, their health and love. Just take a dying person who writes a bucket list as an example, at the end of that bucket list, it’s time to die.

You don’t want a bucket list. You want a life coach who kicks your butt. Who challenges your “more of the same” – ground hog day visions, and pushes you to be like a kid with a birthday coming, full of hopes and dreams and possibilities. This is the excitement of life, the real fuel, not prana.

So, your vision is a huge element of Innerwealth Coaching.

You own it. It’s simple. It’s portable and it’s inside of you. It affects your productivity, your health, your happiness. It affects your relationship, your friendships, your children and your P&L at work. If you tap it, there’s no stopping you, if you don’t then it’s all just hard work and struggle. Your Vision, Inspiration and Purpose affects everything important and it is without doubt the single most important ingredient in determining the quality of your life, work life balance and the essential exchange in relationships. It’s not fluff, just try being without hope for a day and see how it feels and how many people want to invest in you. Nature thinking is simple. It’s Nature’s Laws presented so you can bring nature home and be in complete control of your dialogue with life.

Reason #10 …Learn About Total Human Awareness


For many years Corporations have made the mistake of compartmentalising the development of people with the aim of increasing productivity and yet, the total human being, the heart, quality of life, relationship and other aspects of the human condition have been ignored. As we enter an era of hyper accelerated decision making the demands on individuals to bring their total capacity to work, including their heart, creativity, inspiration and non rational intellect, means we need a new understanding of “the Total Human Dynamic.” In nature we are people first and fragmentation doesn’t exist. Let’s restore and preserve that awareness.

Reason #11 – Because it’s 100% Real Love for Life

PictureBogota Colombia, My #marriage… I walk the talk, live real and speak it from experience.

Innerwealth Coaching is not out of a book. It’s 35 years of living in tune, or trying to live in tune with nature’s universal laws. It’s experience based, 5 business start ups, 6 marriages, 30 countries, 5 spine surgeries, 50 trips to the Himalayas, 20 books written with Dyslexia, 3 children, 2 grandchildren – writing another book, doing another keynote, swimming another ocean and creating more great business. It’s not academic or theory, nothing from books, all from nature, life and inspiration.

There are great masters such as Emerson, Plato and many Asian Masters (Lao Tzu) who are convinced that if mankind lived life according to the principles of nature, then we would be at peace with ourselves and with each other. It’s a philosophy not uncommon in the ways of the East but has yet to be fully grasped by the western world. We are hoping this modern way of presenting this ancient theme will resonate with you, irrespective of your cultural or religious background.

New research shows the top reason people leave their jobs is to seek out opportunities with a better work/life balance.”

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