Country Thinking for City Living

It feels different doesn’t it. When you go bush or go to nature, things feel different. If you’re anything like me, it feels like that’s how life’s meant to be.

Urban living is awesome too, but when the human condition gets itself separated from nature as it does in the city, anything can happen, and it does.

The very existence of religious fanaticism, alcoholism and narcissism can only be in urban environments that have outgrown their connectivity to nature. Such things just don’t flourish in real nature based living. But that’s a long time gone unless you’re either old enough for a green, or see change. So, the solution just might be “think country in city”

The beauty of this possibility is that you can take it anywhere.

DSC05461I feel that 30 days can save a lifetime of stress. In those 30 days you get to play with nature, nature’s laws and your moods. You get to work out how to change your mind, adapt your thinking, stay in a great space irrespective of what environment you’re in.


Reframe how you see it

I’m sitting opposite my ex. She’s raving about how wonderful her new lover is. Some part of me wants to get up and just puke. But there’s the country bumpkin in me. He’s sitting there thinking “how awesome – she’s so happy.” The two parts of my brain argue for supremacy, I have to be careful or else I’ll speak the speak of one of them and blow this great lunch, hurt her. I get up to go to the bathroom, and on the way do the “Biophilia Dance,” I touch a leaf of an indoor plant.

DSC05470Now you’ll be forgiven for thinking that with all the heady rocket science of modern new age thinking, that this simple act might be irrelevant at best and totally ridiculous at worst. But it works. Science has proven it and thousands of years of wisdom validates it.

Our humanity is connected to nature and if we’re to evolve in the urban jungle of life threatening stress, it’s going to have to be recognised. Take a short cut through 3 day tortuous seminars, bypass around years of therapy, skip over the 40 years of meditation. Touch a leaf, go outside, look up, see nature.

The Science

I’m not the first person to sing the praises of nature. Thousands of years of nature based philosophy and study have been done. Plus, modern science. A recent Japanese study of several thousand people proved that a walk in the city street versus a walk in a park had massively contrasting results. We are, after all, biophilic, we’re depended on nature right up until the last few centuries. Our sense of identity was so immersed in the need to be in harmony with nature, and it doesn’t evaporate in a few generations.

But don’t go blaming urbanisation for all our disconnection from nature. I’ve worked IMG_1670around the world with people who live in the bush, people who come from indigenous backgrounds, and I can say, the cause of disconnection from nature is not architecture nor TV nor commercialisation. It’s thinking, or the lack of it.

Peter wakes up, goes to yoga, has breakfast and goes to work. He comes home, has dinner, maybe sex and goes to bed. Peter wants to be balanced, spiritual, wealthy, clever, sporty, secure, happy, healthy, smart, in love, loved and an awesome person. The less he achieves those outcomes the harder he pushes to achieve them. Reading more books, doing more yoga taking herbs, going on a diet, pushing himself in his career. Heard this story before?

With a good heart, a good mind and total commitment Peter does more of what he does and does it better, bigger, bolder. And all the while, Peter and millions like him, think that they think but they don’t. Peter doesn’t realise that it’s not what he thinks that’s going to make the difference in his life, it’s how he thinks.

It’s not just what we think that makes a difference, it’s how we think that changes things.


The ego, our urban identity, thinks in half stories. Good things without bad. Success without failure. Happy without sad. Right without wrong. Summer without winter almost. And it’s this comparative thinking that underpins Peter’s efforts to achieve his ends. The thinking process of better without worse, up without down, good without bad is in his subconscious, planted there by culture, religion and parents, and for the most part, unquestioned.

In this mind love cannot exist and this is the greatest pain of a person caught in the half story of living.It is a world where those things that marry with expectation are loveable and those that don’t marry with expectations, are not worthy of love. This, in turn, turns inward and becomes Peter’s own compass to his self worth. He goes around in circles fixing this and that only to witness yet another element of life going wrong.

Country Thinking for Urban Living

Try telling the real country person that everything about anything is going to be always good and they’ll laugh you out of the veggie patch. Chopping wood is exciting for the first 20 minutes but if you did it by necessity to keep warm 10 months a year you’d soon choose not to think about it, and instead just do it. (Nike got it right)

Our desires to have emotional feedback from our outcomes causes us to expect the impossible. We want jobs that never give negative feedback, boss’ who like our work all the time and transport that “never” goes wrong. These expectations are slow suicide and many people are on the bike.

30 Days to Save a Lifetime

It’s not just your lifetime you save yourself stressing over, it’s those you impact with your thoughts, the ones you love most who will be impacted by your ability to “touch a leaf” and do the “Biophilia Dance.”

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