A Transition is a step into the unknown. You need the right team around you. Confessions of a sport star in transition

Find a great person who’s great at transitions and you’ll find a person surrounded by a great team.

Call it, “home ground advantage” that goes with you anywhere. The commitment and love or friends, family and team members to help you go from a to z is a huge addition to your winning formula. I’d say “you can’t do it alone.”

Transitions are gaps between where you are and where you want to be. Those gaps are in the realm of the unknown. You knew where you were. You know where you are going. But often, right now, you have to have a lot of trust and faith and courage because there’s all sorts of doubt.

Every human being is going through some sort of transition and they can be challenging. Whether it’s transitioning your business, your relationship, your team skills or even transitioning your life from 49 to 50 years of age, I’m Australia’s and maybe the world’s leader in transitioning, I specialise guiding real people through challenging transitions. I operate a boutique consultancy specialised in transition planning ….

The key is process. Once you know the process for transition planning you can step confidently forward. Why not listen to Olympia Emily Seebohm speak of the GAP … between where she is and where she need to be…

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