The Best Way to Prevent Trouble in Your Life and Business is to Not Cause it in the First Place

Every human being is going through some sort of transition and they can be challenging.  Whether it’s transitioning your business, your relationship, your team skills or even transitioning your life from 49 to 50 years of age, I’m Australia’s and maybe the world’s leader in transitioning, I specialise guiding real people through challenging transitions. So there’s always going to be Transitions in your life and work. But if you can stay one step ahead of those transitions, they become easy rather than life threatening.

One way to stay one step ahead is to engage nature in your everyday life so your intuition is sharp, your mind is clear, and you are open eyed to opportunities. Otherwise, we’re just waiting for trouble to trigger a transition time and then it can be more work than we really want or need.

I think people do an awesome job and they need to be “detached” from the people things, emotions, in order to see opportunities and do their job. So looking after ourselves is a key.

You know where you stand if you know you are a transition expert, and then you can cut the moaning about people stuff.

And that’s also dealing with bad habits like emotions, reactions and being insecure during transition times.

Transition keys are: Where were we, where are we going, when will we get there? The rest, is just stuff, fluff.

So, get sleep, be healthy, have a life. Otherwise you aren’t resilient. Too much stress and emotion, you become the URBAN GORILLA

  • Hold meetings outdoors
  • Give gifts of nature
  • Take romantic strolls in nature
  • Swim outdoors
  • Exercises outdoors
  • Eat outdoors
  • Take photos outdoors
  • Share nature
  • Save the planet
  • Conserve resources
  • Eat only food that has been made without cruelty
  • Support the farm to table
  • Be carbon neutral
  • Consume sustainable power (solar, water, wind)
  • Throw away less garbage by buying less packaged foods
  • Vote against consumption of resources
  • Respect indigenous land management and heritage
  • Visit amazing uncrowded places
  • Treat nature with conservation in mind
  • Post millions of images of nature online
  • Fill your offices with nature images and turn your stationary into a message board for nature
  • Get away from fluorescent lights and air-conditioned buildings
  • Leave only footprints – take only photos
  • Plant flowers in people’s day and pull weeds
  • More ideas? Use the comments area .. love to hear

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