Are You Being Trumped by Trumps Trumpet?

The device in the image above is a medical instrument that hasn’t been used for a long time. It was created and used to blow smoke up your butt. In that case doctors used it to send a stream of hot herbal gas into your rectum to fix an ailment such as a sore throat. Now days, doctors don’t use such things but we can, if we’re not careful, create the same process and self inflict.

It’s so easy to slip. “Oh, that Trump, what a …… ” and find ourselves in judgement and negativity, making the world a darker place when we said we were committed to the opposite.

We can easily condemn someone, and forget that in doing so, we condemn ourselves for having the exact same quality. This is often called a lack of self love. But mostly it’s just dumb. Here’s a few I’ve heard and my responses…

“Oh, Trump is arrogant!” – And you are not?

“Oh, Trump is hypocritical” – And you are not?

“Oh, Trump is dividing the World” – And you are not?

“Oh, Trump is racist” – and you are not?

Maybe Trump is a teacher?

What we negatively judge in others is the part of ourselves we don’t like. And what we judge we breed, attract or become.

Religious fundamentalists think that by judging someone we get rid of or eliminate a trait. How can that be possible when every human being has every human trait. Of course whether you believe that or not will depend on the proposition you live from.

What you repress others express. So maybe Trump is simply expressing the truth that a lot of people feel, repress and fear but politicians don’t acknowledge. It seems a fair proposition  that if what the population represses, someone expresses, people will vote for him.

As a strategist in America, I’d be suggesting to Trump’s opponents (who are getting less and less) to forget the format of his message and take on a bit of his content. He’s expressing what people fear while his opponents are saying that their fears are not important. This is no way to win a debate.

Lets come back to you and I. We want this world to be a better place. We’re acting to cause things to be unity through diversity. But if we judge Trump, we judge his followers and if we judge his followers aren’t we just condemning a part of ourselves? Is that a unified individual in a diversified world or a diversified individual (split into polarities) in a world that is unified in hate?

My suggestion is to take anything Trump dishes up to your beliefs, find the balance in it, rise up above it and become ambivalent to it. This is how we take the power back from bullies, we simply don’t react, neither positive nor negative. We look for both sides, balance it and therefore create a stalemate. Stuck between supporting Trump and challenging Trump, we become ambivalent to Trump. In this way, at both a personal open hearted level for those we care for and a global open hearted level for all the diversity of humanity, we do love.

It is easy to take the fight outside of us, into the streets, onto the web, into conversations and forget that what we judge we breed. It is too easy to take credit and then wonder why we feel the burn of blame. It is easy to allow ourselves to become fragmented with the lopsided perspectives of emotions, when love and truth are the essence of building the dreams and loves we have for ourselves and the world.

Here’s the discard process … if you need to use it to process Trump. If you have any problems applying it, please make a comment and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Once you’ve sorted it, then vote with your heart, not with polarity.


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