Make Everyday Valentines Day

7 Simple Rules that Keep Love Sacred

Make the honeymoon last forever. Follow the seven simple rules that keep love sacred.

  1. Make Everyday Valentines Day
  2. Come Home with More Energy than You Went to Work with
  3. Remember that you can’t love one person and hate another…
  4. Romance is gratitude, an attitude of gratitude is sustainable
  5. There are two sides to everyone. Know this, then focus on the good news
  6. Don’t try to fix your partner nor take on their stress
  7. You can’t give what you haven’t got.

Valentines Day is Everyday

So today is not Valentines Day… but why not make it so…?

Why not make every day valentines day. Why wait to celebrate love for some official day an arbitary person, usually involved in retail trade, elects as your “spend a fortune” to erase the guilt day.



Valentines Day has become the world cup of love. But we don’t have to wait. We can make today a day to remember. Why not celebrate how important love is? Do you have the courage to step up and show your love today? What are you waiting for? Everyone else is waiting too. Love is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. The worst that can happen is you get hurt. That only lasts a week or two. Love is health giving and how natural is it? Why   wait a whole year to do what’s important everyday?

If you make today and tomorrow your Valentines day, it also represents an exceptional opportunity to do your part in making a real difference to the world we live in.

Valentines day is a day to turn over a new leaf. And it’s all very simple. Grab a leaf and turn it over. Take your expectations of people and turn them over. Unlearning means there’s two sides to everyone. To turn over a new leaf, don’t wait for next year, take your expectations, flip them, and expect the other side too. Expect people to be totally human and real. False expectations, block love.


And Valentines day is not only a day to love your lover. It’s a chance to remember how much you love your family and friends and ex partners and children. We can’t be half people. It’s impossible to love one person and hate another. Everyone has every trait. Loving one person and hating another is not real love. It’s fake and short lived infatuation. You can’t love this one and not love that one. To be a real lover of people, in other words, to really celebrate Valentines day you have to love one as if they are all. Ultimately it means we see everyone in the one.

Valentines day is a day of false promises or appologies. It always was for me. The more trouble I went to, the more money I spent, the more I was appologising for being a total arse for the year before. Not turning up, feeling guilty about being naughty, whatever it was, I lived in the hope that Valentines efforts could hit the reset button so I could go back to being that same unattentive husband next year. In the end I realised that I am who I am and there’s no appology necessary. If I value my work more than my relationship, that’s just the way it is. No reset button needed. I just need to own it and my partner has a right to respond to it. That’s real. No myths about reset buttons and spending too much on one day to appologise for 364 other days of just being me.

Love is a lifestyle.

Valentines day is not one day, its everyday. When we say sorry for forgetting to be a good partner or I promise I’ll do better it’s wise to honor that promise. Broken promises break trust and broken trust is a real challenge in relationships.

There’s really only two things that distract us from love for the other 364 days a year until valentines or a birthday or some major event. Those are ourselves and our ambitions.

On our honeymoon, who do we care about most? We care about them. When we get back, who do we care about most? Us. This is a big mistake. On the honeymoon we are so in love we don’t need it, so we just give it. When we get back, we loose that feeling of being in love and then we want it. That’s a disaster.

Also, on our honeymoon, what is our ambition? Our priority. For most, it’s them, the other persons happiness is our priority. And then, we come back and start work and forget, we slip into a coma, and start driving toward our goals, we even go to self help or motivational talks by American gurus and become all inspired by who we can be and achieving our potential. And this is another big mistake. Sacred lasting love means that our relationship, our love is number one on the priority list. And everything else comes a bad second to it. When we shift that priority we start putting nails in the coffin of our relationship.


I suggest we get back to basics. We remember, that what we appreciate grows, that there’s two sides to every leaf, and there’s two sides to our beloved. Rather than trying to change them, or fix them, or help them be better, we need to remember that the sacredness of love is built on the perfection of both sides of the leaf. We have to appreciate people for who they are, not who they could be. Criticism and ambition doesn’t grow love, it kills it. Be thankful for what we’ve got, for who they are. (but don’t tolerate abuse – physical or emotional)

Finally, if you are asking “how can I make a difference in the world?” then Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity. Learning to really love one person is the beginning of learning how to love many. So, when we talk about global peace, and global harmony and multi-cultural acceptance of diversity, then, really, the place to start is at home in your relationships. You know, even if we leave a relationship, we never stop loving that person till the day we die. We just choose to move on. Hopefully, and wisely with love and acceptance.

Just remember, all of life is a mirror. So what we judge in others we judge in ourselves. Learning to love others is the fastest self growth program on earth. And saves you allot of money on books and seminars. You can’t leave em till you love em, so really, the only way to truly arrive at your relationship is to love the past. Otherwise its just repeating.

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