Changing the World One Cup at A Time

My clients are amazing people. Every one of them. They are amazing because they never stop exploring the possibilities of life. They are also amazing because deep down they are real entrepreneurs and they want to make a difference in the world.

Last week my client gave me a glass coffee cup to take to my cafe instead of using a paper throw away cup. His mission “Sustainability for Corporate Consumption.” Sounds big, especially for a guy with a family who also demand his focus. But this is the magic of a Vision, Inspiration and Purpose statement.. it proves that changing the world starts at home. One cup at a time and he’s acting on it.

In Nepal at Buddhist Monasteries where I take clients who love to wonder and explore their Vision, Inspiration and Purpose, the first thing that we get taught is to never meditate for self benefit. Always act for others. Always pray for the relief of suffering for others – even to the point of saying “I will suffer for the benefit of others.”

So, our behaviour can change, not for personal benefit but for the benefit of others. This is in extreme and stark contrast to self help, yoga practices and most western meditation teachings for self awakening and self awareness. This is the reason we engage the concept of a purpose greater than ourselves. We learn that a bit of suffering might be worth while if others get the benefit of it.

Take leadership for example. If one approaches leadership for self benefit then there is a transparency that can cause enormous harm to both the leader and the team. This is not always healthy.

I’d encourage you to wonder and explore your vision, inspiration and purpose daily. To wonder about and explore the possibility of changing the world one cup, one heart, one fish, one plastic bag, one tree, one act of kindness, one song, one gentle touch, one word of  encouragement, one moment of giving joy, supporting those who feel downtrodden.

Many people ask me “what is my purpose” and the answer is in what they are already doing. All that is needed is a new awareness and an exploration of how to do more of it, one act, one thought, one moment at a time.

Wonder and Explore Consult Sessions can be arranged to explore vision, inspiration and purpose or, you can book a corporate team dinner to wonder and explore this topic further.

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