Be in Your Element

Be in Your Element


Rama Prasad, Ayurvedic practitioner and Christopher Walker, Business Consultant – have researched the science of Constitutional Analysis. An ancient yet, powerfully ap- propriate science in the currently challenged world to help people – of all nations. Be in your element

A heart stopping simplicity. A life changing awareness. A Deep and personalized self-understanding that affect how we sleep, eat, loose weight, exercise, work, – Our office environment, our management style, our relationships with others and the sort of products we buy.

Your ʻelemental constitutionʼ – reveals the weather you thrive in, the foods to balance you, the exercise that suits you and the career you can live in harmony with. It reveals your possible imbalances and potential vulnerabilities and cautions you on what your potential lifestyle hazards are.

It is like sculpting. There before you sits a rock, rough and covered in mud. You begin to chip away at itʼs surface and slowly, through hard work, you find a beautiful sculpture within it.

Our constitution is exactly like the potential that sits within this rock. Through training we need to remove the unwant- ed bits and discover the gem that lies within it.

The first thing is to understand what is your natural consti- tution, which is the exact shape of that gem. To do this we examine the body you were born into.

Then we reveal how it responds to the world around it. How it is meant to care for itself and what itʼs natural process in life are. In other words we learn what it takes to honor who we really are in our most natural state.

Then we explore how this body constitution functions best at work, in relationship and in leisure. How it needs to act in order to feel great, what it needs for nourishment and

how it needs to recover. Rather than invent some new way of life, or a synthetic approach to managing ourselves, we are seeking to reveal the real.

Ultimately, we are aspiring to find our true path. Rather than mimic or imitate someone who is also born unique, we are attempting, through an understanding of our con- stitutional element to honor our individual uniqueness. To be proud of the way we do things, albeit different to others and say “ this is who I am – I am a unique person who is living in harmony with what nature intended me to be”.

Rather than a prescribed dogma or set of rules to follow, we ask your body and itʼs constitution to work with you in creating the happiness and success that is possible. One lifestyle does not fit all, one philosophy does not suit all, following someone elseʼs path assumes your constitution is the same as theirs. We must find our way, our own way and through this live in a deeper harmony with the world around us.

Dosha –
Elements _ Means Constitution – Means Disease Means Healing Means Relationship – Means

Note – this book is not intended to replace your doctor, therapist, lawyer, counselor, coach, healer, guide, consul- tant or any other person who delivers specialized services to you in person. This book does not aim to replace your faith or ask you to subscribe to any other belief system other than the one you currently hold.

This book aims to provide insight into your unique charac- ter and an awareness of what nature intended in providing you with the specific and unique body constitution you were born with.


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