A Visual Journey About Life and Life Balance

Nature seeks a balance in all things:


In Nature there are two different types of Balance.

LOCAL Balance and NON LOCAL..

It is important for us to know the difference

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 9.36.53 amThis is local balance.

The tree is in balance because one side of the tree has as much leverage as the other side.

We too need to have local balance. When we go to work, instead of balancing work with life and therefore being out of balance all day then trying to get back into balance when we get home we need to be “in balance” at work and “In Balance” at home. This is extremely important for self awareness. A balanced person is balanced in all seven areas of life.





Sometimes we think that our world is out of balance. We say “look, I am spending so much time at work, and such a small time at home… I must be out of balance. It is often reinforced by partners and children who echo our feelings. “You are not home. You are out of balance.”

Beware of such talk.. it is entirely false talk. We do not spend time in equal amounts in al seven areas of life because we do not value each area of life equally. This does not mean we are out of balance. It means we are achieving the results we want with minimal time expenditure.

However, your family might be saying this “when you get home you are too tired, or too stressed, or too worried about your work” which does not mean you are out of balance. It means you are not turning up. And that is more about your personal mastery than it is about your balance.

Turning up means that you may be sitting in a meeting but dreaming about a holiday or a beer or going surfing. You are non local. Your body is in the room but you are not. To really turn up means your body, your mind and your emotions are enjoying what you are doing right now. Instead, some people are worried about tomorrow, worried about yesterday, and therefore not turning up today.





Sometimes when we see our life through the lens of the ego identity, we see imbalance. We might say, “these areas of the world are poor” or “these areas are at war.” We like to say “all or nothing” because this makes it simple. But at a local level there is balance because at some point, what we see is balanced by something we don’t see. Maybe where people are poor they are wealthy in affection, or wealthy in simple things, or wealthy in love. We might get trapped in a definition of wealth.

Sometimes we become part of the problem. We might say, “this country is at war” and by zoning in on what is really wrong .. we forget to look at the good news somewhere else. One country might be at war, another might be making babies. As a leader this non local view is vital. I call it the “big picture” viewpoint and it helps to avoid stress and unhealthy anxiety which might block good decision making.



Many people think love is infatuation, but infatuation is out of balance. Infatuation is more positive than negative. No person or molecule, or business, or family can be more positive than negative. Those people who have sold positive psychology for 30 years have just admitted it too.

Your work will support and challenge you. When your company tries to support you and not challenge you, then you feel locally out of balance so, you will be challenged when you go home. Have you ever been totally pumped about something at work and gone home to be totally put down or ignored? That’s nature seeking balance.

If you think you are down in finance, then you will need to look for two things:

Local balance: What other area of life am I wealthy in? Am I thankful for that?

Non local balance: What form is my potential wealth in? How can I express that?


Attraction and Repulsion Creating Business Disasters


The disturbance to our mind during meditation is attraction and repulsion. We get attracted to what feels good, which is the same as saying “anything that takes away our pain is attractive.”

If we go on gut feel we will seek out those things that are attractive. Once we have discovered what is attractive we will eventually come to see that there is always balance, and then we get repulsed.

Wise decisions are made by balanced minds. It is called detachment but really it’s balance.





In business it is very easy to shield ourselves from reality. We can become a tyrant boss and as long as we get results, justify it by accusing the team of being incompetent.

But there is one thing we all agree. If there’s someone at work that ticks us off, our partner or parents usually remind us of the exact same quality.

It is no accident or coincidence that we attract in a partner what we dislike in a parent, or have to love in a child what we hated in an ex partner. Nature seeks the balance in all things and if we hold onto a judgement and drag it all the way through our life, well it falls on your children’s head, to fess up.


If you need or want a consult session to straighten out any lingering judgements or current imbalances, please email or call.

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