A Visual Journey About Turning UP

Eighty percent of success is showing up (Woody Allen)

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Dumji Namche Bazaar Nepal

The heart represents the essential nature of a person, and it is this nature that actually turns up in meetings and events to make us fully present. Therefore the development of the heart is of the utmost importance to listening and leading. If the heart is not present – we are not. This is the “turning up” around which your life can revolve. But it is not the emotional centre. The heart is often mistaken as a nice fuzzy feeling in the centre of the chest. This is the emotional centre. We are talking about the human spirit. It is not a feeling but rather a knowing.

Turning up and listening means you have connected and feel comfortable with your inner voice, which is not a voice at all. It is the listener. The one who can observe.

The Milk Men … Turning Up .. My Friend “Wendy” not so relaxed

Ways we don’t Turn Up

  • Sitting in a meeting at work, wishing we weren’t there
  • Coming home tired and talking about how stressed we are from work
  • Having a decision or problem that we carry around with us for a few weeks
  • Going out to dinner and forgetting to taste the food
  • Going for a run looking forward to getting to the finish
  • Dating someone and comparing them to someone else
  • Going to work dreaming about your next holiday
  • Coming to work feeling guilty about what went wrong at home
  • Doing a speech and worrying about the audience the whole time
  • Having too much time on your hands and therefore not enjoying what you’re doing
  • Going on holidays
  • Going trekking in the mountains but missing the view because there’s a raging blister on your toe
  • Busting for a pee half way through a movie and not wanting to miss anything
  • Multi tasking
  • Sitting at a diner table, cafe or restaurant tweeting, checking emails, talking on phone, doing a facebook upload, an instagram download or whatever.
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Wealthy but poor… Leading and Listening with Heart

Leading and Listening with Your Heart

There’s a quiet stillness comes over a person when they are listening and leading with their heart. This is not a soft fluffy place, but a place of deep power and personal strength.

Your heart is the core of your deepest humanity. When we have finished exploring intellect and attending ceremonies, when we are exhausted trying to change the unchangeable, then we come to rest in our heart. This is a beautiful reality, the core of confidence, love, beauty and a healthy life.
Turning up means listening and leading with your heart. If one spent their whole life doing nothing other than opening their heart and developing the qualities of the heart, it is no exaggeration to say that this effort alone would bring them to the highest levels of human performance at work and at home. Because it is through the heart that one finds their truth and within the heart that one finds the stillness to turn up and listen.

Canadians and Wendy – Plus one very awakened one

To find your heart is to turn up, to hold a certain centre, and be true to yourself and others.

It is natural, and, it creates a certain inner confidence, a strength, and builds a foundation from which your life may evolve. It can’t be a separate practice from daily life because it is life itself. It doesn’t mean rushing around solving the world’s problems either, because those obstacles are countless and that rushing around is in itself part of the world’s problems.

By listening to your own heart, to your own particular gifts, it enables you to focus on turning up for others. It allows you to do what you really love to do and to express yourself without tension or reaction.

Lhassa – Praying – Meditating on the Move … Always for Others


When we explore the term heart in common language we find that ‘heart’ means the central or innermost part of something such as the ‘heart of the city’ it also means the essential or vital part of something such as “what is the heart of the matter?” A person with a ‘lot of heart’ is someone with determination. To ‘lose heart’ means to be discouraged so we see that the will of a person emanates from their heart. We refer to the heart when we talk about generosity or sincerity as well as consideration, understanding and helpfulness as when we say, “He has a big heart.” or “She is a dear heart.” When a person is cruel or mean or when someone shows no regard for others we say, “His heart is closed or small or cold or that he has no heart at all.”


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Kathmandu – Listening

In most of the ancient traditions of the world the heart is considered the location where heaven and earth meet within the human being. This, of course, is not the physical heart but rather the ‘heart centre’ within the chest. This centre is where we experience presence and it is truly where we listen from. Not listening with our ears. Listening with our heart.
As humans cannot grasp the idea of a heart outside the body, there is a part in this body of flesh dedicated to housing the idea of the heart. This area is most sensitive to feeling and has been called “broken” at times, although no physical break actually occurs.
The surface of our being is sensory, while the depth of it is heart. The heart is clarity the mind is personality. It is through the heart that we feel ourselves or know ourselves. Once a person understands their inner stillness, the character and the mystery of heart, they understand the language of the heart, they have choices. Turning up means listening with the heart but not turning up mens listening with the mind (emotions) and noise.
It takes a certain trust A trust that, when faced with what seems to be an insurmountable

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Tengboche – Meditation retreat – Nepal

challenge, we will survive. It does not necessitate becoming religious. Turning up for life is not lived in temples, or on particular days of worship, nor is it only reverence to a statue or icon; it is lived every single moment of our lives. From what people see of us, and what we think, to our secret thoughts and our secret ideas.
People say “turn up – put your heart into it;” it means to become fully invested. It means to throw the full weight of your humanity behind something. There are no half hearted success stories. We must be vigilant. Our heart must remain invested. When the heart goes out of something we automatically sabotage it. So, if we can invest ourselves in maintaining the commitment of our heart we will automatically achieve many of our dreams in life.

Bhutan – Paro

Turning up

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. -Carl Jung

Getting ticked off about someone or something might feel automatic, but it’s one of the least automatic things in the world. It’s a choice and it’s a big turn off from turning up. If you think you can hide your feelings toward someone, just watch kids play. People know what you think before you think. So, maybe learning how to get over judging people would be a big help for turning up. You know you aren’t winning any battles by judging people.

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Beautiful Laughter Pangboche Upper Village, Nepal

Entrepreneurship is the last refuse of the trouble-making individual (James K Glassman)

Sometimes our addiction to adrenalin, or even the small sense of self we often have is overcome by success and glory at work. In this case we’re likely to overcook the chicken each day and come home flabbergasted and be, in some extremely weird twist, proud of our tiredness. Instead, consider tiredness from work as incompetence in work. I mean, unless you are a manual worker, but even then, you’ll soon adapt to it and should be able to come home with energy for life.

A casual cigarette mid way through the Busking Snake Show

Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don’t …. (Pete Seeger)

Carrying around worry or a decision for a few weeks or months might sound like an awesome idea, you might say “I’m considering my options.” And that may be so. However, while thinking about one thing and doing another you do not turn up and that might just sabotage what you’re doing. Take an emotional shower or do a LCM decision process… and sort it but really, it’s unwise to carry worry, decisions or contemplations around.. because that’s the stuff of “lost concentration.”

The School, outside minus 5c – inside minus 2c.. – Pangboche, Nepal

Delay is the deadliest form of denial. -C.N. Parkinson

The easiest thing in the world to do is nothing. The best form of delay is denial. Physical and mental health only come about when we turn up, but to do so, we need to be real. Being real, turning up, and self awareness can be a good team if the objective is to celebrate what’s happening instead of waiting for it to happen.

Monks playing Volleyball in between Meditation and Wood Chopping – Tengboche, Nepal
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