Staying One Step Ahead One Hour A Day

I love technology, but not as much as being human.

How much time do you have to balance all seven areas of life? If you are anything like me, it’s not much.

So I’ve distilled thousands of years of wisdom for you into one hour a day.

You can do that hour anytime between sunrise and sunset in as small as 5 minute segments.

You can do them in cafe’s, offices, out in the park or even do some in the car or bus on the way home.

We grow at the border of support and challenge. If you’ve had a challenging time this Power Hour supports you. If you’ve had a supportive (boring) time the Power Hour challenges you.

Either way, it adapts to your personal needs and helps you stay empowered, engaged, inspired by life and confident about the future.

You can learn the Power Hour by doing the 30 day challenge… which teaches the methods or at a company 2 day workshop.

Either way… you get to TURN UP… 110% no matter what.

Book a complimentary telephone Back on Track Session with Chris today …then Check your VIP Score – get back on track in a flash and stay there … inspired and with renewed energy and vision…


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