Knowing Versus Doing – Truth

I’m not here to sugar coat it. Truth doesn’t need sugar coating. 

There’s an opportunity to live a truthful life and that’s what I share. 

I help lay track, inspire people to be creative and open, and I encourage the world to get connected through nature. I help communities, business and individuals put heart and soul into business, and personal life. 

There’s no such thing as a half hearted success story, and the enemy of heart and soul is stress and the blues. I help people in settings such as mentoring, coaching. Himalayan retreats, speaking, training, facilitation and books. It’s my commitment.

The process of Back on Track™ (BOT) is simple: A person chooses or recognises a dream, prepares to experience that dream, deals with the obstacles along the way, and revisits the dream as a way to deal with the obstacles and make the subsequent preparation more engaging.

As performance in many different fields grows more demanding, individuals in medicine, sports, business, and music, for example, must look for competitive advantages, deal with pressure and expectations, and fulfil themselves personally at the same time. There are only 168 hours available in a week to do this.

In this actual quest, the challenge for everyday people as well as publicly successful performers is to make the best use of their time and energy. VIP is a simple process that can help individuals do this, as it encourages them to design and engage in activities that enable them to sustain energy, perform with high quality, and enjoy life on a daily basis.

One of the challenges in working with the truth is to be not only a “knower” but also a “doer.” Consequently, one should live it first, and teach it second.

A split between the knowing and the doing (or the science and the art) can be observed.

Clearly, this is an issue in the field of helping others. The effective use of truth depends on the acquisition of knowledge and its underlying concepts and skills to apply truth to specific contexts.

My work is not designed as a way of simply passing on information, nor is it about simply helping clients to develop techniques or skills. My work is about getting to the heart of why you, as a helper, do what you do. It is about helping yourself and those you help shape individual processes into useful, energy-producing mechanisms for the performance of your chosen art.

As an example, in the medical field there is tremendous controversy as well as strong forces reshaping the way doctors and patients interact. The matter is the split between the knowers and the doers—the business of medicine and the art of healing and patient care.

Patients are demanding that doctors not only know about their disease but also have the skills to make treatments relevant to them beyond simply curing it. Patients want their doctors to understand the context in which their disease exists. Much of that context resides in the patients’ minds and hearts. Medicine is learning that successfully applying knowledge requires as much art as science. Doctors are being forced to listen to their patients and make connections with them in order to treat them. There is a popular medical saying:

“People will not let you care for them until they know you care about them.”

I  provide an opportunity to understand the context in which individuals and apply the knowledge of truth, both the science and the art of performance psychology and performance enhancement to help them achieve quality and excellence in their chosen endeavours.

A quote from the movie Zero Effect puts this best: I cannot possibly overstate the importance of observation in your own life. Everyone goes through life dropping crumbs. If you can recognise the crumbs, you can trace a path back from your death certificate to the dinner and movie that resulted in you in the first place. But this research is an art, not a science, because anyone who knows what they’re doing can find the crumbs, the wheres, the whats, and the whos. The art is in the why, the ability to read between the crumbs. For every event there is a cause and effect, for every crime a motive, for every motive a passion. The art of Back on Track™(BOT)  is the ability to look at the details and see the passion.


All great people have a great Vision. They are usually good at being inspired otherwise they burn out in the process of living. And, they usually have a purpose greater than themselves in order sustain their energy over the long haul.

Here’s a VIP Statement Template

I, …………………………. do hereby declare before myself, others and ………………………. that my primary purpose in life is to ……………………………….

I do this as a ……………………………………………………………………..

For this I need and have …………., …………………,……………

The three independent and yet totally collusive aspects to a VIP Statement are:

Vision … Harnessing the turbulence and energy of your ego toward a powerful set of outcomes

Inspiration … Learning to be happy with what you’ve got, content, fulfilled with life as it is right now.

Purpose… Meaning and a Purpose beyond self. (This is not volunteer work)

Let’s Explore The Skills Needed for a Great Vision…

Walker Seven Elements of Life Score Card

There are seven areas of life and therefore you have seven visions. A terrible mistake is to draft a vision statement without including all seven areas.

Each area will be of differing value to you. However, all have equal importance. Those visions of lower value need to demand less time, not less effort.

Hence we create a priority, not to exclude a vision in a low priority area but to include it with a highly sophisticated process of achievement. How to get more done in less time is the motto of low value vision areas.

High value vision areas are best turned into high time focus. And, if possible, career.

A vision statement is always broken down into three layers… BE, DO, HAVE…

The reason we break the vision into BE, DO, HAVE is that we want MIND, BODY, EMOTION (SPIRIT) Engagement in the vision. Be is Emotion, Do is mind, Have is body. Any vision that does not include all three levels will not fully motivate and therefore will struggle.

Let’s Explore The Skills Needed to Be Inspired…

Your inspiration is ZEN. It is the ability to TURN UP, right here, right now, 110% inspired and therefore happy.

If you are in a state of WANTING then you are not in a state of inspiration.

How do you turn up everyday inspired?

  1. Recognise that every judgement you have toward others is disempowering you and leaking energy.. in other words … uninspiring.
  2. Accept that all judgement is an attempt to be better than or worse than someone else which is universally impossible and a total waste of life, time, breath and effort.
  3. Realise that thinking cannot cause inspiration. Inspiration is action and activity with intensity.
  4. Stress, worry, anxiety, fear, guilt are anti inspirational emotions.. you need to have an instantaneous process to rebound from all of them without days of delay.
  5. Inspiration at home is different than inspiration at work.
  6. Nobody shits on you more than you. Nobody gives you the shits more than you do. Nobody can inspire you more than you. There’s a big chunk of unlearning needed here.
  7. Love and inspiration are not the same. Love your work but you don’t always like it. Love your partner but not always like them. Love your kids but not always like them. But Inspiration is to like whatever you do, whoever it is, regardless.
  8. To be inspired you cannot think and therefore the state of inspiration comes from “I need nothing, Want nothing and therefore I have everything” meaning you feel complete, desireless and satisfied.
  9. In a state of inspiration, ideas and choices and inspirations come through you. You’ve just got to learn to shut up and listen.

Best way to learn to be inspired is to lose everything, get manic depression, fail, get divorced, go broke, be totally humiliated, attract calamities and live through a personal disaster. OR…



Let’s Explore The Skills Needed to Be On Purpose

Most great people have a purpose greater than themselves. The reason for this is that after 10 years of success and making money, going on holidays, having children and inviting your parents to stay… life becomes so frigging boring … and mischief arrives in the form of excitement. An affair, climb Mount Everest, Base jump, … you know, adrenalin shit that will seriously put your whole life’s work in jeopardy.

Purpose is not a fun loving, fulfillment giving sense of righteousness. What it is, is a reason to get out of bed when everything, I mean everything, has become ground hog day. The opposite to happiness is not unhappiness, it’s boredom.

Purpose relieves boredom, saves marriages, builds business, creates communities and keeps your own heart open in hell. That’s the choice. Be in the asylum or get a guest pass.

Nobody says it better than my old mate Eddie Stern and Deepak here.


Otherwise go here and search one world Eddie Stern I think it costs $1.00 to watch


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